ChatGPT Alternative For Writing Great Marketing Copy

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ChatGPT is great! But...

ChatGPT has a couple of limitations compared to AI-Powered Marketing Copy Generators. Let's explore them together.

How we believe humans should interact with AI Tools like ChatGPT

AI can help you when you’re stuck. AI can help you become more creative. But don't use AI to think for you and create entire articles or social posts.

The Magic happens when technological and human superpowers work together

ChatGPT limitations when it comes to Marketing Copy Writing

As smart as our current AI systems are, as much as they’re essentially self-learning and able to improve and learn to do new specific language tasks that they haven’t been previously trained on with human supervision.

How adds value

Both ChatGPT and run on OpenAI. What does is helping marketers by adding additional data layers, helping with inputs all the way through outputs and results was built by a team of passionate experts in content marketing, growth hacking, and storytelling. This makes the whole concept different than what ChatGPT provides, from the ground up. Check it out by clicking the link below.