Demand Gen Tips from a  SaaS CEO

Check out Demand Gen Tips from Our CEO, Brian Cohen, who has been in demand gen and marketing leadership positions for years.

Your marketing efforts don’t matter if you can’t track them back to revenue. Not by channel, campaign or asset but sourced from your website or field team not partners or outbound. Regardless of how strategic and brand focused we want to be, we will be fired if our work doesn’t show that it’s growing the business.

No, someone read an article related to your category on a random website is not reason to cold call them. Their intent was not to start a conversation or sales motion. It was to educate themselves on a topic.

I continue to hear marketing and sales talk about intent as if there is only on type, purchase intent. There are multiple types of intent, purchase intent, conversational intent, educational intent, and no intent at all. How are you aligning your activities with buyer intent levels?

Do you buy the same way you perform marketing/sales? Would you buy from you? Do you start a buying motion after cold outreach? Do you start a buying cycle after BDR outreach from a content offer?

I download a content offer to educate myself on a topic, not to purchase a product. I don’t want to be contacted because of that download. I don’t want to be cold called. Of my 100+ saas purchases, 1 has been through cold outreach. Buyers know what to do when they are ready to buy. How do you buy?

What if every “MQL” could become an opportunity? What would that mean for your business? What would that mean for the quality of your sales interactions? For your revenue?

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