Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2024

1. Understand exactly why organic social media is important for you

Set goals you want to achieve with it

2. Think of your organic social messaging as a cyclic customer journey

3. Define 5 content themes so you have guidelines on what to post

4. Decide what content types you want to connect to your content themes

Consider splitting up your messaging along the following five lines: – Problem and brand awareness. – Your vision for your niche & sub-topics, how-to. – Personality, people, and trust. – Brand & product positioning, USPs and proof. – Ethics, responsibility, and news.

What channels do you want to post on and what do you want to emphasize on which channel?

Set yourself up for success with tools like StoryLab.ai and Canva

5. Set up at least a basic structure for inviting your team members to boost your social post

Think about how to supplement and integrate your social media strategy with other channels such as SEO, SEA, email

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