How to Write Great Blog Post Titles

Multiple pieces of research show that writing a great Blog Post Title can increase your traffic with hundreds of percentages. Some even state 500%+.

Tips and Tool

Today we'll be sharing 4 tips and a tool to help you write better Blog Post Titles. Let's get started!

Tip 1:

Start with empathy and your persona

A Great Blog Post Title can not stand out if no one has a need for the content you're creating.

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Use Power words in your Blog Post Title

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Tip 2:

A Couple Examples of Power Words

– Memorable – Latest – Surprising – Cheat-Sheet – Easy – Step-by-Step – Definitive – Untapped – Little-Known

Use Power words, but never spam

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3. Don’t be spammy or oversell

Tip 3:

It will do you no good. Search Engines won't like it and the same goes for your Social Media followers and Email Subscribers.

Don’t be satisfied with your first Blog Post Title

Understanding the importance of a great blog post title should lead to to take more than 10 seconds to come up with one.


Tip 4:

Create multiple headlines and select the best one

Need help? Check out our free Blog Title Generator below and never start with a blank piece of paper again.

How it works

Simply enter a topic and run the tool to get blog title suggestions.