Improve Your  Writing Skills

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By Understanding These 6 Simple & Timeless Principles and using the best tools

0. What constitutes good writing?

It depends on the goal we have for a given piece, and the degree to which that piece or story helped us reach that goal

1. What is the purpose of writing?


The purpose or goal of writing is to organize your thoughts and feelings around a given subject in such a way that they become clearer to you, and can be clearly conveyed to someone else.

2. Then what is the goal of the headline?

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The goal of the headline then is, indeed, as many writing coaches put it, to ‘grab attention’. But it goes a little bit deeper than that.

3. What is the purpose of the intro or hook?

The hook is there to set the tone. It’s also there to signal to your reader that this is indeed about the subject that the headline promised it would be

4. What is the purpose of the three main paragraphs or sections of your story?

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The purpose of your three main paragraphs is to explain and ground your main thought about the subject you’re writing about. In a logical following order, where each line and each paragraph builds on the one preceding it.

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5. What is the purpose of the conclusion and/or CTA?

The purpose of the last part of your article is to drive your point home and to get people to take action.

2 Tools that can help you write better

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1. Grammarly

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