Get more Website Traffic from Instagram

How is your Instagram Marketing Strategy impacting your Business?

Check out these tips to get more traffic from Instagram

Understand your Audience

Having a true understanding of what your audience loves to consume will 10x everything you do on Instagram.

Tip number 1

Create more and better content with the right tools

Tip number 2

Tool number 1

Create awesome Instagram Captions with the help of AI and never run out of ideas.


Tool number 2

Create beautiful content without the need of waiting for designers. With Canva's templates, everyone can create beautiful Instagram content.

Make it easy for your audience to find related pages

Tip number 3


Tool number 3

Try Liinks and add more than 1 link to your Instagram Bio. Add relevant pages you've been talking about lately.


Tip number 4

Add the right mix of #s to your Insta posts and reach a larget audience. Check out our guide below.

Content Creation Guide

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