is the AI-assisted human storytelling workshop of the future.
Who is for

Who is StoryLab for?

We built for marketers, brand builders and content creators who feel the constant pressing need to create more and better

We’re here for you if you are a tactical marketer, a producing or multiple hat marketer, or if you’re simply a content creator looking to scale your storytelling.

What is StoryLab? is an online tool

That generates content ideas for you, and then helps you along the writing process by generating hooks and outlines for your stories. We also offer ready-made copy for your marketing purposes.

The AI part of our product

Is a direct link to GPT-3, the most powerful Natural Language Processing AI available in the market.

Our content and template library

Together with our tool, we not only help you generate more content faster: using them makes you a better and more effective storyteller.

Our mission

We want to help you write and tell more and better stories. So you can reach your growth goals faster and easier.

We get you to be a better writer and storyteller. So you can become the best version of yourself.

What can do for me?

To reach your growth goals, you need better copy.
More stories. Faster.

We can help you get there.

And we’ll help you become a better storyteller along the way.

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