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Get in touch is the AI-assisted human storytelling workshop of the future. is an online tool

That generates content ideas for you, and then helps you along the writing process by generating hooks and outlines for your stories. We also offer ready-made copy for your marketing purposes.

The AI part of our product

Is a direct link to GPT-3, the most powerful Natural Language Processing AI available in the market.

Our content and template library

Together with our tool, we not only help you generate more content faster: using them makes you a better and more effective storyteller.

Recent interviews

Are you looking to create more and better content? Did you ever think about how AI can help with your content creation?

Check out this video where Jim James (UnNoticed) interviews Erwin Lima ( about the future of content creation and how AI can assist.

Are you wondering what the future of AI Content Creation and Storytelling will bring us?

Check out this video where Yakup Özkardes-Cheung (Content AI Show) interviews Erwin Lima ( about the future of content creation and how AI can assist and how people can tell better stories with the help of AI.

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