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What is’s AI Google Ad Description Generator? is an online tool that generates content ideas for you.

Are you struggling to find the perfect Google Ad Description for your next campaign? We got you covered!

Simply enter your company name (optionally), describe your product and hit the ‘Inspire me” button.

Our A.I. generator will give you inspirational examples to add to your list of potential Google Ad Descriptions.

Run the tool as often as you need to create your perfect next campaign(s).

Why you should invest time in creating great Google Ad Descriptions

When it comes to great Google Ads, it’s all about quality.

Quality is determined by the page you’re promoting, the keywords you’re targeting and using, and the engagement you receive.

Just like your, Google Ad Headlines, your Google Ad Descriptions are one of the most important assets to capture the reader’s attention and entice them to click on your result.

Are you satisfied with the first Ad Description you create?

You shouldn’t!

You should brainstorm multiple Google Ad Descriptions and make a selection of the ones you want to test.

Google encourages you to create multiple variations and test what works best.

You won’t need to start with a blank piece of paper for every Google Ad Description you write.’s Google Ad Description Generator is great at giving you multiple viewpoints to really get you inspired with different ways you could launch your next campaign(s).

Give it a try. The first few runs are on the house!

  😉AI modes   13 writing styles
  ✍️Improves   Ad copy, creativity, and more
  📖Support   17+ Languages
  💲 Price   Free and Premium

Write great Google Ad Descriptions in half the time

There is nothing worst than staring at a blank piece of paper.’s Google Ad Description Generator helps you to get new ideas and even complete copy with a click of a button.

Get inspired by how many different ways there are to describe your Google Ad Description. Next to generating new ideas and creating new copy, you can reword existing Google Ad Descriptions with our paraphrase generator.

Our Marketing Copy Generators run on GPT-3. Trained, as the largest and qualitatively best Natural Language Processing model. Check out our resource hub and see how AI Marketing can help you reach your goals faster. The time to start using this new technology is now.

Get started for free.

How’s Google Ad Description Generator works

Step 1. Select the Google Ad Description Generator from the left navigation

At, we help content creators with creating various marketing copy. Varying from Blog Content, to Ad copySocial Media CaptionsEmail copy, and more.

So first of all, make sure that you have selected the right generator.

Select our Google Ad Description Generator from the left sidebar (see the image below).

select ai google ad description generator

Step 2. Describe your Google Ad and get great Description inspirations

To generate the best and most relevant Google Ad Descriptions for your campaign, you need to make sure you’ve described what your ad is about the best you can.

See it as this:

If you’re searching in Google for ‘how to get more leads with Google Ads’ and your input is just ‘Leads’, chances are you won’t find what you’re looking for that easily.

The quality of your input determines the quality of your outputs.

Step 3. Choose a writing style

Optionally, choose what writing style our AI-Powered Google Ad Description Writer should use to create your ad description ideas.

After you’re done, you can go ahead and click the ‘inspire me’ button.

AI Google Ad Description Generator Examples

All right. Let’s put it all together and run the AI Google Ad Description Creator with an example. For this example we’re using the input:

“How to get more leads with Google Ads”

Here’s what the AI Tool wrote for us:

AI Google Ad Description Generator Example Outputs

Output examples

Here are the Google Ad Descriptions we’ve received on the first run:

  • How to get more leads with Google Ads
  • Unlock Increased Sales with our Guide to Google Ads: Free Templates & Tips!
  • Unlock More Leads with Google Ads. Get Free Templates & Strategies Now!
  • Get More Leads Now! Drive Results with Google Ads Expert Strategies. Try Our Free Guide Now.
  • Get More Leads Now! Unlock the Secrets to Google Ads. Free Tips & Templates Inside. Try Now

Pretty nice, right? It can be hard coming up with various descriptions for your Ads. Our AI Tool helps you write Google Ad Descriptions from multiple angles.

Step 4. Re-run, adjust inputs and add a human touch

I can now choose to:

  1. Re-run the AI Google Ad Description Creator with the same inputs;
  2. Re-run the tool with slight changes to the inputs;
  3. Take one of the generated examples, add my unique human touch to perfect it, and run the ads.

Google Ad Description Generator Pricing’s Google Ad Description Generator (and other generators) runs on GPT-3. Trained, as the largest and qualitatively best Natural Language Processing model.

Our pricing is set up as followed:

  • Free – get 3 runs a month to try our tools out for free;
  • Pro – $15 a month – 100 runs a month;
  • Unlimited – $19 a month – unlimited runs a month;

You can also opt-in for the yearly membership and receive a 20% price reduction.

You can check out our full pricing here.

Start with our AI-Powered Content Creation Platform is more than just a Google Ad Description Generator. It’s an AI-Powered Content Creation Platform that helps you create more and better marketing copy faster than ever before. Check out the quick video walkthrough below.


What is an AI Google Ad Description Generator?
It’s a tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically create compelling and effective descriptions for Google Ads, saving time and optimizing ad performance.

How does an AI Google Ad Description Generator improve ad campaigns?
By generating targeted, relevant, and engaging ad descriptions, these AI tools can increase click-through rates, improve ad relevance scores, and potentially reduce the cost per click.

Is using an AI tool for Google Ad descriptions cost-effective?
You can start your account for free and upgrade if you need more runs.

How customizable are AI-generated Google Ad descriptions?
We offer customization options, allowing users to specify tone, style, and key messaging points to align with brand voice and campaign objectives.

Can AI tools generate ad descriptions for different industries?
Yes, advanced AI description generators are versatile and can produce effective ad copy for a wide range of industries by training on diverse datasets.

How does AI handle creative and persuasive elements in ad copy?
Our AI tools are increasingly adept at incorporating creative and persuasive elements by learning from high-performing ad copy examples and applying similar strategies.

What is the future potential of AI in Google Ad copywriting?
The future looks promising, with AI expected to offer more personalized, creative, and effective ad copy generation, further optimizing ad campaigns and user engagement.

What level of technical expertise is required to use an AI Ad Description Generator?
Our AI tools are user-friendly, designed for marketers without deep technical expertise, with intuitive interfaces and guided processes.

Can AI-generated descriptions be tailored for local or regional markets?
Yes, advanced AI tools can localize ad content, taking into account regional language nuances, cultural references, and local market trends.

How do AI generators ensure the uniqueness of each ad description?
AI tools use sophisticated algorithms to generate original content, ensuring that each ad description is unique to avoid duplicity and improve ad performance.

Are there any industries where AI Google Ad Description Generators are particularly effective?
Our AI generators are especially effective in dynamic industries like e-commerce, travel, and technology, where they can quickly adapt to changing trends and product offerings.

Can AI-generated Google Ad descriptions include calls to action?
Yes, Our AI tools are programmed to include compelling calls to action in ad descriptions, which are critical for driving user engagement and conversions.

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