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What is’s Blog Outline Generator? is an online tool that generates content ideas for you.

Are you struggling to find the perfect Blog Outline for your next article? We got you covered!

Simply enter your topic or company name (optional), describe your product and hit the ‘Inspire me’ button.

Our A.I. generator will give you inspirational examples to add to your list of potential Blog Post Outlines.

Run the tool as often as you need to create your perfect next article(s).

Why you should invest time in creating great Blog Post Outlines

When writing an article, we‘re often explaining something that is familiar to ourselves, to someone that wants to learn more about that subject.

However, as a person reading an article, there is nothing more exhausting than a writer who’s all over the place.

‘Let me tell you about that day at the park. Susan was there. And actually, it was not a park but a forest and Susan came later’.

Hold on, where is this going?

Please, dear writer, for the love of all that is holy— connect a structure to your creativity. Deciding on a Great Blog Post Outline before writing your article, helps a ton. For the ease with which you write, as well as for the quality of your writing.

Here are three ways to create an outline for your next story:

Three simple ways to structure your blog and to create an outline

At, we see three general ways of structuring your post and creating an outline — aside from using our Blog Outline Generator, of course.

Here are three ways to structure your blog and create your outline, ordered from beginner level, to intermediate to expert level content writer.
Pick, choose, and use to your advantage:

1. Basic level: One topic, three thoughts, logical order

This structure is perfectly suited for beginning writers. And for speed.

First, choose the topic you want to write about. Next, decide on three things you would want to say about that topic. Write down a draft title and three draft subheadings. Finally, make sure the three thoughts you want to express are in a logical following order.

Here’s what a basic One Topic, Three Thoughts structure should look like:

[Topic & Title: ]
[Thought 1]
[Thought 2]
[Thought 3]

After you’ve mapped out your structure, start writing. You’ll notice that even while writing you’ll have a much easier time connecting the dots and following a logical flow.

Read more about the One Topic, Three Thoughs structure (and the 3 x 5 lines format), here.

2. Intermediate level: The Need, Solution, Result structure

The Need, Solution, Result Structure is actually a layer that you can put on top of the above One Topic, Three Thoughts, structure.

In its essence, the “Need, Solution, Result” structure is the basis of a story, with a built-in tension arc. It’s also at the core of what is known as the archetypal human storytelling structure, the ‘Hero’s Journey’.

Here’s the anatomy of the “Need, Solution, Result” structure, and how it works:

1. Problem or Need
What is the situation you want to address? What is the problem, pain or the need? And why is it so important to you and especially to your readers/audience/main character?

2. Change or Solution
How does the original problem get solved? What are the steps, what is the product or service that you’re offering that can help? How did the person you’re talking about solve their needs?

3. Result and/or Proof
How does it end? How much better is the situation at the end? Is the pain truly resolved?

The Need, Solution, Result structure is the one that not only helps you really draw the reader into your story, but also the one that makes it that much easier to convince someone. This makes this structure extremely well suited to business writing.

Read more about the Need, Solution, Result structure and how to use it, here.

3. Advanced level: The Seven-point Strategic Storytelling Structure

The Seven-point Strategic Storytelling Structure is the most advanced structure for setting up a blog post that I know. It helps you connect to your strategic goals — overall as well as for the particular piece you’re sitting down to write — and it helps you prepare and outline a story in ten minutes.

It also helps you set-up an outline in such a way that you can then knock out an awesome blog article in as little as 20 minutes.

This is the Seven-point Strategic Storytelling Structure:

  1. What is the subject I’m writing about?
  2. What is the purpose of this story and how does it connect to my higher purpose/goals and the goals of my audience? Did I ask them? [No more than 1–2 lines preferably.]
  3. What is the main thought I want to share about the subject, and what’s the connected emotion?[-> Summarize this as the first draft for your title. Your title should tell people What this is about, Who this is for, and what you’re Promising]
  4. What is my ‘hook’ or intro?
    A ‘hook’ in storytelling is one to five lines with a new fact, a short story or anecdote; something that connects to the emotions you want to tap in to.
  5. What are my three supporting thoughts? [Summarize these as draft sub-headers, like in the One Topic, Three thoughts and in the Need, Solution, Result structures] What three points do I want to make to support my main argument/thought? What is a logical following order that builds your argument, and builds toward your goal of;
  6. Conclusion and Call-to-action (CTA).[If it makes sense or seems necessary; summarize your main thought and how you arrived at it, and:] literally tell the reader or listener what it is they can do if they are inspired.
  7. [Short summary, for publishing, Search Engine Optimization and social sharing purposes]

That’s it. Points 1 and 2 you only need to answer for yourself. From point 3 onward, is where you actually write your outline, starting with the title and so on.

Read more about the Seven-point Strategic Storytelling Structure, here.

Easier still: have AI suggest ideas for your Blog Post outline

Finally, regardless if you want to use one or more of the above story structures to compose your own outlines, you still have to come up with the topic as well as the thoughts about the topic that you want to write about. And the following order.

For those that are struggling to come up with ideas for a great outline, we’ve got you covered.

With, you can Generate your Blog Post Outline based on your Blog Post Title and Blog Post Intro. Let our AI outline generator come up with suggestions, then pick, choose, reorganize and edit as you see fit. Never stare at a blank page again! See how AI Marketing can help you reach your goals faster.

Write great Blog Post Outlines in half the time

There is nothing worst than staring at a blank piece of paper.’s Blog Outline Generator helps you to get new ideas and even complete copy with a click of a button.

Get inspired by how many different ways there are to set up your Blog Outline. Next to generating new ideas and creating new copy, you can reword existing marketing copy with our paraphrase generator.

Our Marketing Copy Generators run on GPT-3. Trained, as the largest and qualitatively best Natural Language Processing model. Check out our resource hub and see how AI Marketing and SEO can help you reach your goals faster. The time to start using this new technology is now.

Get started for free.

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How’s Blog Post Outline Generator works

Step 1. Select the Blog Outline Generator from our navigation

At, we help content creators with creating various marketing copy. Varying from Blog Content, to Ad copySocial Media CaptionsEmail copy, and more.

So first of all, make sure that you have selected the right generator.

Select our Blog Outline Generator from the left sidebar (see the image below).

select ai blog post outline generator

Step 2. Describe your Blog post and get great Outline ideas

To generate the best and most relevant article outlines, you need to make sure you’ve described your blog post, white paper, magazine, etc. the best you can.

See it as this:

If you’re searching in Google for ‘how to write a great article’ and your input is just ‘Article’, chances are you won’t find what you’re looking for that easily.

The quality of your input determines the quality of your outputs.

Step 3. Choose a writing style

Optionally, choose what writing style our Outline Content Writer should use to create your outline ideas.

After you’re done, you can go ahead and click the ‘inspire me’ button.

AI Blog Outline Generator Examples

All right. Let’s put it all together and run the AI Blog Post Outline Creator with an example. For this example we’re using the input:

“How to write a great article”

Here’s what the AI Tool wrote for us:

AI Blog Post Outline Generator Example Outputs

Output examples

Here are the outline examples we’ve received on the first run:

Outline 1:
1. Choose a topic/title

2. Research your topic

3. Create an outline

4. Write the article

5. Proofread and edit

6. Format properly

7 .Publish or share

Outline 2:








Outline 3:








Pretty nice, right? Beats staring at a blank screen. This will help to figure out the topics and sub-topics of your article.

Step 4. Re-run, adjust inputs and add a human touch

I can now choose to:

  1. Re-run the AI Blog Post Outline Creator with the same inputs;
  2. Re-run the tool with slight changes to the inputs;
  3. Take one of the generated outline topics, mix them up however feels right, research, write, and publish the article.

Our AI Blog Title Creator can help with coming up with catchy titles and our AI Blog Intro Creator can help with writing intros that will get people excited to read the entire article.

Blog Post Outline Generator Pricing’s Blog Outline Generator (and other generators) runs on GPT-3. Trained, as the largest and qualitatively best Natural Language Processing model.

Our pricing is set up as followed:

  • Free – get 3 runs a month to try our tools out for free;
  • Pro – $15 a month – 100 runs a month;
  • Unlimited – $19 a month – unlimited runs a month;

You can also opt-in for the yearly membership and receive a 20% price reduction.

You can check out our full pricing here.

Start with our AI-Powered Content Creation Platform is more than just a Blog Outline Generator. It’s an AI-Powered Content Creation Platform that helps you create more and better marketing copy faster than ever before. Check out the quick video walkthrough below and see how our CEO and Co-founder uses the app to quickly come up with cool article ideas and copy.


What is an AI Blog Outline Generator?

A tool that uses artificial intelligence to create structured outlines for blog posts.

How does an AI Blog Outline Generator work?

It generates a coherent outline based on provided keywords or topics.

Can the AI generator adapt to different blog styles and formats?

Yes, it can tailor outlines to various writing styles and blog formats.

Is the AI Blog Outline Generator user-friendly for beginners?

Yes. Our AI Blog Outline Generator is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

How does the AI ensure the outline is relevant to my topic?

AI algorithms analyze the topic to create contextually relevant outlines.

Can I customize the blog outlines generated by AI?

Yes. You should add your personal touch and edit the generated outline.

How does the AI handle complex or niche subjects?

Advanced AI can manage a wide range of topics.

Is the content generated by these tools SEO-friendly?

Yes. The AI generator focuses on creating SEO-optimized outlines.

Can the AI generator suggest headlines and subheadings?

Yes, you can use our AI Blog Title Generator and AI Intro Generator for more blog copy.

Is there a cost to using an AI Blog Outline Generator?

You can set up your account for free and get 3 free runs. You can upgrade if you need more.

How does the AI Blog Outline Generator integrate keywords for SEO?

It strategically places keywords within the outline for SEO optimization.

How quickly can the AI generate a blog outline?

The AI Blog Outline Generator creates outlines in a matter of seconds.

Can the AI assist with creating engaging content ideas?

Yes. You can use our AI Content Idea Generator for effective content ideas.

How does the AI handle updates to blog writing trends?

AI algorithms are regularly updated to reflect current writing trends.

Can I use the AI Blog Outline Generator for professional blogs?

Yes, it’s suitable for both professional and personal blog writing.

Is the content produced by these tools plagiarism-free?

Yes. Our Blog Outline Generator runs on GPT-4 which ensures the originality of the outlines.

Can the AI generator assist with long-form blog posts?

Yes. Our AI tool is capable of creating outlines for long-form content as well.

How does the AI generator handle different writing tones?

AI can adapt to various tones, from formal to casual blogging styles.

Is the AI Blog Outline Generator effective for storytelling blogs?

Yes, it can aid in structuring narratives for storytelling.

Can the generator assist in improving blog post readability?

AI outlines focus on structure, which enhances readability.

How customizable are the blog outlines provided by AI?

The Blog Outline outputs are 100% customizable.

Does the AI generator provide different outline options for the same topic?

Yes. You can run the Ai Blog Outline Generator multiple times and get a variation of Outline Ideas.

Can the AI Blog Outline Generator help with writer’s block?

It’s an effective tool for overcoming writer’s block with structured outlines.

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