How to Write Catchy Blog Post Titles

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Catchy Blog Post Titles.

We all want them.

They are the first thing people see when scrolling through Social Media and on Google or other Search Engines.

The question is… How do you write catchy blog post titles?

In this article, we’ll give a couple of tips and as a bonus, we’ll link to our Blog Title Generator which you can try out for free.

Let’s get started.

How to Write Catchy Blog Post Titles

  1. Create great content
  2. Be to the point
  3. Use power words
  4. Use brackets where possible [ ]
  5. Use (odd) numbers
  6. Be clear about the main benefit
  7. Make it actionable

Catchy Blog Post Title Example

Let’s take the blog title of this article as an example and dissect it.

“How to Write Catchy Blog Post Titles [Tips and Generator]”

  1. Create great content -> This is questionable. It’s a short article but we do offer a free generator.
  2. Be to the point -> I believe we are to the point. We clearly state ‘how to do x’ + what is included [Tips and Generator]
  3. Use power words -> Catchy, Tips, Generator 🙂
  4. Use brackets where possible [ ] -> [Tips and Generator]. This has helped to make it stand out more. Also in Google.
  5. Use (odd) numbers  -> We could have chosen to do the following: “7 Tips For Writing Catchy Blog Post Titles  [Generator Included]”.
  6. Be clear about the main benefit -> You will learn how to write catchy blog post titles and you’ll also get a generator.
  7. Make it actionable -> We could have chosen to do the following: “Start Writing Catchy Blog Post Titles Today [Tips and Generator]”.


As you see. It’s not always possible to include all tips into your headline. That being said, by going over these tips, it can help you to force yourself to be more creative and re-write your blog titles several times.

Blog Title Generator

The moment we have all been waiting for.

What about that Blog Title Generator you promised me?

At we want to help you write more. Write better. Grow faster. Our AI Marketing Copy Generators help you do just that.

They help you.

To get the best results, we advise to always add a human touch to your content.

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What makes a blog post title catchy?
A catchy blog post title is concise, engaging, and reflects the content’s value or intrigue. It often includes powerful words or phrases that evoke curiosity or emotion.

How can you use keywords effectively in blog post titles?
Incorporate relevant keywords naturally in the title to improve SEO, while ensuring the title remains engaging and reflective of the content.

What role does emotion play in catchy blog post titles?
Emotional appeal in titles can capture attention and interest, leading to higher click-through rates. Using words that evoke excitement, surprise, or curiosity can be effective.

How important is the length of a blog post title?
The length of a blog post title is crucial; it should be long enough to convey the message but short enough to avoid being cut off in search results, typically under 60 characters.

Can asking questions in titles make them more catchy?
Yes, posing questions in titles can spark curiosity and engage readers, prompting them to seek answers in the blog post.

Should blog post titles be specific or general?
Specific titles often perform better as they clearly convey what the post is about, attracting more targeted and interested readers.

How can numbers or lists in titles enhance catchiness?
Including numbers or lists in titles, like “Top 10 Tips,” can make them more attractive as they promise quick, organized, and digestible content.

What is the impact of using negative or positive wording in titles?
Negative wording can create urgency or intrigue, while positive wording can be inspiring or comforting. The impact depends on the audience and the content’s tone.

Can personalization make blog post titles more catchy?
Personalizing titles by addressing the reader directly (using “you”) or referencing relatable situations can increase engagement and relevance.

How does testing different titles help in finding the catchiest one?
Testing various titles (A/B testing) helps identify which resonates most with the audience, based on metrics like click-through rate and engagement.

Is it effective to use humor in blog post titles?
Yes, humor can be very effective if it aligns with the audience’s preferences and the blog’s tone, making the title more memorable and engaging.

How do current trends influence catchy blog post titles?
Leveraging current trends or popular topics in titles can increase relevance and interest, drawing in readers looking for contemporary content.

Should titles be tailored for different social media platforms?
Yes, customizing titles for different platforms can optimize engagement, as each platform has its unique audience and character limits.

What role does clarity play in creating a catchy blog post title?
Clarity is crucial; a title should clearly communicate the topic or benefit to the reader without being misleading or vague.

How can incorporating a sense of urgency in titles make them catchy?
Creating a sense of urgency, like “Act Now” or “Limited Time,” encourages readers to click and read immediately, fearing they might miss out.

Can including a call-to-action in a blog post title be effective?
A call-to-action can be effective if it’s relevant and prompts readers to engage with the content, like “Learn How to…” or “Discover Why…”.

Is it beneficial to optimize blog post titles for voice search?
Yes, optimizing for voice search by using natural, conversational language can improve visibility in increasingly popular voice searches.

How can controversy or shock value be used in blog post titles?
While controversial or shocking titles can attract attention, they should be used cautiously to avoid misleading or offending readers.

What’s the impact of using powerful adjectives and verbs in titles?
Powerful adjectives and verbs can add excitement and action to titles, making them more compelling and attention-grabbing.

How can storytelling elements enhance blog post titles?
Incorporating elements of storytelling, like intrigue or conflict, can make titles more engaging, encouraging readers to dive into the narrative.

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