How to use Power Words to Write Effective Marketing Copy

It’s time to get people to take action!

When writing Marketing Copy, one can choose to add power words to evoke an emotion and get people to take action.

Of course:

“With great power comes great responsibility”

One can only hope that it’s being done ethically.

Spoiler: that’s not always the case.

But just because there are unethical marketers, doesn’t mean you should not strive to understand your audience and write clear copy that illustrate why this piece of content, product or service is for them.

The world always self-regulates.

The word ‘clickbait’ only went mainstream after marketers created a ton of headlines that overpromised or were just very misleading.

That did not end well for them. They saw their traffic dropping and brand were not taken seriously anymore.

Let’s see how we can use Power Words in an ethical way and when and how you should use them.

Starting with what Power Words actually are.

What are Power Words

Power words are single words or short sentences that can be used to evoke an emotion and get people to take action.

what are power words

Why use Power Words when writing marketing copy

If done well, it can be a win-win situation for the reader and writer.

The reader can quickly understand what the value is and why they should click (or not) and the writer can showcase their value and entice people to take action.

Power words are all around you. In the emails you receive, the social media posts you scroll through, the search results in Google, you name it.

Can you imagine that the value would not be visible only after you’ve clicked?

That wouldn’t be great!

So power words can be a win-win for writers and readers.

Let’s get into a couple of use cases.

Power Words use cases for Marketing Copywriters

Using Power Words in your Blog Post Titles

Let’s say you just finished writing a blog post.

Let’s also imagine that you actually care about your blog post title and are taking the time to write a couple of variations and select the best one.

Why not. Let’s also say that you used our Blog Title Generator to create a couple of variations (see how that looks like in the image below).

use power words in blog post titles

You now have a couple of variations for your blog post title and it’s up to you, the human writer, to decide if these variations will do or if you want to click that ‘inspire me’ button once again and get more examples and, it’s to you to add your own creative touch to your outputs.

Actually, you see that all headlines that our generator has created consist of power words already. We’ll make them bold:

  1. The 10 Best Power Words Every Marketer Should Be Using
  2. How to Use Power Words to Grow Your Digital Product Business
  3. 100+ Power Words For Marketing Copy that increase CTR by more than 50%
  4. 10 Tips for Writing Killer Articles

Let’s see what makes them power words and what the hidden message behind each individual word / short sentence is.

  1. These are the best power words. We took the effort to go through thousands of power words and compile a list of only the best. We hope this saves you time. But also, you Should Be Using them because every marketer does so… if you’re not using them… what does that say about you?
  2. With these power words you can Grow your business. Pretty straightforward. Do this and reach your goals.
  3. Increase CTR by more than 50%. Same as growing your business but this one is more concrete. What will actually improve my business by using power words.
  4. Write Killer articles! This one does not have as much depth as ‘should be using’ for instance does. It’s simply saying that your article will rock!

So you see that it’s not that easy to select the right power words for even your blog title. And here we have just 4 examples. There are thousands of words you could choose from!

How to select the right Power Words for your Marketing Copy

There are a couple of things you need to decide on before taking a look at a big list of potential power words. For instance, do you want to walk the ethical route or not?

Do you want to tap into primal desires and fears of people and write marketing copy that sounds a bit like:

  • 5 ways to lose weight and finally find your perfect partner.

Or copy like:

  • 5 ways to lose weight with the help of your peers.

We’re not judging. You can now even blame it on AI.

So it starts with ethics and then it goes into understanding what your audience really wants.

Let’s get back to the imaginary Power Words article that you’ve written.

Does your audience want to read your article so that they can:

  • Write better copy?
  • Improve their CTR?
  • Grow their business?
  • Stop being a crappy marketer?
  • Do they want to see results fast?
  • Is it a ‘hack’?
  • Will it give them a competitive edge?

Knowing why they would like to read your article and take action will help you decide on the type of power word you should use.

More Power Word Use Cases

Power words are not only used in blog post titles. You can use them in your Email Subject Lines, YouTube Titles, and other short copy you create.

And yes. We have AI Copy Generators for that too. Here they are:

Next to headlines, you can also use them in your Social Media posts to get people to take action (like, comment, subscribe, click to read the article), in your email copy, in your ads, and for your call to actions (CTAs) on your website.

Since you’re asking, here are our AI Copy Generators to help you do the heavy lifting:

Growth Storytelling

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Happy writing!


What are power words in copywriting?

Power words in copywriting are emotionally charged words that trigger a psychological or emotional response. They’re used to persuade, inspire action, and make copy more compelling and memorable.

Why are power words important in copywriting?

Power words are important because they can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your copy by evoking strong emotional responses, making your message more persuasive and engaging, and ultimately driving conversions and action.

Can power words improve email marketing campaigns?

Yes, power words can significantly improve email marketing campaigns by increasing open rates and click-through rates. Using them in subject lines and email content grabs attention and encourages recipients to take action.

How do power words enhance website content?

Power words enhance website content by making it more engaging and persuasive. They can help highlight benefits, solve pain points, and motivate visitors to take desired actions, such as subscribing, buying, or contacting.

What are some examples of power words?

Examples of power words include “Free,” “Discover,” “Unlock,” “Boost,” “Exclusive,” “Instant,” “Revolutionary,” “Secret,” “Proven,” and “Guaranteed.” Each category of power words serves different persuasive purposes.

How can power words increase social media engagement?

Power words can increase social media engagement by making headlines, posts, and calls-to-action (CTAs) more compelling. They grab attention in busy feeds and encourage likes, shares, and comments.

Are there any risks in using power words in copywriting?

The main risk is overuse or using them inappropriately, which can make copy seem sensationalist or insincere. It’s important to use power words judiciously and in alignment with your brand voice and audience expectations.

How can power words be integrated into a content marketing strategy?

Integrate power words into your content marketing strategy by including them in titles, headings, meta descriptions, and throughout your content to make it more persuasive and share-worthy. They can also enhance the appeal of your CTAs.

Do power words differ by industry or audience?

Yes, the effectiveness of power words can vary by industry and audience. It’s essential to choose words that resonate with your specific audience’s values, needs, and emotions, and that align with your industry’s tone and language.

How can one measure the impact of using power words in copywriting?

Measure the impact by A/B testing copy variations with and without power words to see which performs better in terms of engagement, conversion rates, click-through rates, and other relevant metrics. This data can guide the strategic use of power words in your copy.

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