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What Is’s AI eBook Title Generator?

Our AI-Powered eBook Title Generator helps you come up with catchy and effective Titles for your eBooks. You should not judge an (e)book by it’s cover. But more often than not, that’s what people do.

Having a great eBook Title will help you stand out in marketplaces like Amazon and will encourage people to click and read more about what your eBook is about. having a great eBook Title will even help you stand out when sharing your eBook on Social Media and other channels

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Benefits of AI-Powered eBook Title Generator

Don’t settle for the first eBook Title you’ve come up with. Use our AI-Powered eBook Title Generator to come up with a list of potential eBook Headlines before selecting the one you love best.

Top benefits of the AI eBook Title Generator

  🤖 AI modes  13 writing styles
 ✍️ Improves  Copy, creativity, and more
 📖 Support  17+ Languages
 💲 Price  Free and Premium
Benefits of the AI eBook Title Generator


How to start with the AI eBook Title Generator

Let’s run the AI eBook Title Maker and see how to get started with creating awesome headlines.

First, create a free account at and select the AI eBook Title Generator. You get 3 free runs every month and can upgrade if you need more.

Describe what your eBook is about and let our AI help you come up with awesome ideas. Here’s what we’ve used for this example:

  • Tone of voice: Comedic
  • Style: Commercial
  • Content goals: –
  • Target audience: Marketers
  • Topic: Create eBook

Here’s what the AI eBook Title Generator came u with on the first run:

AI eBook Title Generator Output Example

AI eBook Title Generator Output example

Title 1
Creating eBooks: A Hilarious Guide for Overworked Marketers

Title 2
Laugh Your Way to eBook Success: A Marketer’s Guide

Title 3
Laugh Your Way to eBook Brilliance: A Marketer’s Guide

Pretty cool, right? Here’s what we got on the second run:

Title 1

From Boring to Bestseller: The Marketer’s Hilarious Guide to eBook Creation

Title 2
Laugh Your Way to eBook Creation: A Marketer’s Guide

Title 3
From Zero to eBook Hero: A Marketer’s Comically Crafty Guide

And here’s what we got when we changed the Tone of Voice to ‘Pursuasive’

Title 1
Master the Art of eBook Creation: A Marketer’s Essential Guide

Title 2
Mastering eBook Creation: A Marketer’s Guide to Digital Success

Title 3
Mastering eBook Creation: Persuasive Tactics for Successful Marketers

You can easily play around and get awesome eBook Titles for your next creation.

Best Practices for Writing Effective eBook Titles

Best Practices for Writing Effective eBook Titles

Creating effective eBook titles is crucial for attracting readers and conveying the essence of your book. Here are some best practices:

  • Clarity: Ensure your title clearly communicates what your eBook is about. Readers should have a clear idea of the content or genre just from the title.
  • Relevance: Your title should be directly relevant to the content of your eBook. Avoid misleading titles that don’t accurately represent what the reader will find inside.
  • Conciseness: Keep your title concise and to the point. Long titles can be overwhelming and difficult to remember. Aim for brevity while still conveying the essence of your book.
  • Keyword Optimization: Incorporate relevant keywords in your title to improve discoverability through search engines and online marketplaces. Research popular keywords related to your eBook’s topic or genre and integrate them naturally into your title.
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Highlight the unique value proposition of your eBook in the title. What makes your book stand out from others in the same genre? Use your title to showcase this distinctive quality.
  • Emotional Appeal: Appeal to the emotions of your target audience through your title. Whether it’s curiosity, excitement, or a desire for self-improvement, evoke emotions that resonate with your readers.
  • Cliffhangers or Intrigue: Consider using cliffhangers or intriguing phrases that pique curiosity and compel readers to learn more. However, be careful not to be too cryptic or misleading.
  • Memorability: Aim for a title that is memorable and easy to recall. A catchy title increases the likelihood of word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat visits to online marketplaces.
  • Avoid Jargon: Steer clear of industry jargon or overly complex language that may alienate potential readers. Opt for clear, accessible language that appeals to a broad audience.
  • Test and Iterate: Once you have a few title options, test them with your target audience or peers to gather feedback. Iterate based on their responses to find the most effective title.

Your title is often the first impression readers will have of your eBook, so invest time and effort into crafting a title that accurately represents your content and entices readers to explore further.

AI eBook Title Generator Pricing

Our pricing is set up as followed:

  • Free – get 3 runs a month to try our tools out for free;
  • Pro – $15 a month – 100 runs a month;
  • Unlimited – $19 a month – unlimited runs a month;

You can also opt-in for the yearly membership and receive a 20% price reduction.

You can check out our full pricing here.

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