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How You can Prepare for the Future of Content Marketing

In a recent scan of broader marketing and brand trends for the next year, I found AI-Powered content creation to be the number 2 trend for 2022 and beyond. Right after truly human-centered and purpose-driven brands and identities, applied in a holistic way.

But when it comes to Marketing technology trends, at a macro-level, there is honestly nothing greater and more impactful in the market as we speak, than this.

Buckle up.

The future of content creation and of digital marketing is here. If you hadn’t already, you’d better take note, and you’d better get prepared. Here’s why. And then how, as well.

How You can Prepare for the Future of Content Marketing and AI

How about a world where 30% of content is created with the help of AI?

Are you already using AI to help you create more content? Econsultancy reports 18% of North America-based marketers currently use AI for content creation. Meanwhile, 23% use it for creative and design work.

How much content can we expect to be created with the help of AI marketing copy generators in the near future?

A large study and forecast by Fortune Business Insights predicted that by 2022 30% of digital content will be generated with the help of AI-based technology — and, by the way, that by 2027 the AI market is expected to reach $267 Billion.

Imagine a world where 30% of online content is created by or with the help of AI systems like GPT-3, which is capable of creating copy that is almost indistinguishable from copy created by human authors.

What does this mean for you as a content creator?

It means you’ll be competing in the market against AI-generated content and against AI-assisted copywriters and creators. And that actually, you already are.

How can you get prepared for this? Should we as marketers, bloggers, copywriters and content creators be afraid? Is AI coming to take our jobs and should we be frightened of these developments?

No, we should not be afraid — in any event, it’s much better to be prepared than to be afraid. And in the case of AI-generated copy, it definitely isn’t about human versus machine. It’s about getting the maximum out of you as a human and getting the most out of what the technology can give you. As always.

How to get the most out of AI copy generators?

AI-generated content obviously has some massive upsides. Especially for people who need and want to create more written content.

Marketers, content writers, bloggers — either in corporate environments or otherwise — all understand that in order to grow, they need to create more content.

To be able to connect with more people, so as to be able to help more people with whatever they have to offer. However, as you probably well know: creating content consistently can be a major hassle.

And that’s exactly what AI content generator software helps us to do, more easily and much faster. Creating more stories, to reach more people, to be able to help more and to grow more.

So, how do you get the most out of your AI-copy generator?

1. Use AI to avoid the blank page

The simplest way to get the most out of your AI copy generator, is by using it to get something to go off of. By allowing the software to give you a first idea, or a first draft.

2. Use AI to create marketing copy at scale

Another way is to create the simpler content pieces such as ad copy semi-automatically, and at scale. So you write more and better content, faster.

3. Add human discernment and creativity

To get the maximum added value out of AI and out of yourself as a human being, next you want to add your own skills to the mix. Always edit what the AI offers you, and always use the magic of your human creativity and discernment. Before you publish anything, ask yourself: Does the copy feel right? Does it carry the purpose, identity, and voice of my brand?

The content creators and copywriters who know how to mesh human strategic thinking, unlimited creativity, and empathy with the equally almost unlimited speed and scale at which AI can help generate content, will be the ones on top of the content foodchain in 2022 and beyond.

Get ready for the future of AI powered content creation now

Get ready for the future of AI-powered content creation now

So. If you hadn’t already, you want to make sure you as a content creator — or, in case you’re a part or at the helm of a marketing team; you and your people — have at least sampled and gotten used to what working with AI can mean for your content creation process.

How do you do that?

By starting out writing with any of the existing AI content creation tools in the market. Now, there are quite a few out there and I strongly advise you to use one that has GPT-3 as the underlying technology, as this is the most advanced Natural Language Processing technology available*.

*(Keep an eye out for GPT-4 enabled AI copy generators: GPT-4 is expected to be publicly available within a few years and will likely use 100 trillion parameters versus GPT-3’s 175 million).

Finally, if you want to get started with one of the best AI content generators geared towards copywriting in the market for free, why not start using For instance:

The future of content creation and storytelling is here. Come help us build it, and set yourself up with the skills of the future.

The future of content marketing needs ethics, too

Before you go, one last thing: with the immense power and capabilities that AI content generators offer to us as content creators, comes great responsibility. At we take this responsibility seriously, and we ask you to do the same.

We urge all of our users and anyone using AI technology for content creation to:

Do, say, and write what will help you and the other grow.
Do no intentional or avoidable harm with your knowledge, your stories, and your voice.

Use AI-generated content wisely and ethically. For more on this topic, check out our ethics page.

Would you be interested in an online course that teaches you how to write better with the help of AI?

Finally, the following.

At, our mission is to:

“Help you write and tell more and better stories. So you can reach your growth goals faster and easier.

We get you to be a better writer and storyteller. So you can become the best version of yourself.”

The way that we strive to help you do all this is with our AI-content generators and the expertise and knowledge that we offer in the form of blog content, e-books, and more, which you can find on our blog.

Recently, it’s come to our attention that we’re in a unique position — as founders of an AI Storytelling tool and platform, and with more than 30 years of experience in marketing storytelling and copywriting in our team — to teach people how to write better with the help of AI.

More concretely: we’re thinking about creating an e-mail course that teaches you how to write better, and how to maximize your effectiveness as a writer with the help of AI.

We believe this is a great way to set yourself up for success in the future as a content creator, copywriter, blogger or multiple-hat-marketer. I’d personally love to hear from you if you’re interested. If you are, please shoot me a message at with the subject line “AI copywriting course”.

I’d love to hear from you. And of course: Happy writing.

Start with our AI-Powered Content Creation Platform is more than just a Blog Intro Generator. It’s an AI-Powered Content Creation Platform that helps you create more and better marketing copy faster than ever before. Check out the quick video walkthrough below and see how you can write better blog posts faster with the help of AI.


What is AI Content Creation?
AI Content Creation involves using artificial intelligence technologies to automatically generate written, audio, or visual content, often using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

How does AI assist in writing and editing content?
AI can assist in writing by generating initial drafts, suggesting edits, improving grammar and style, and even optimizing content for SEO purposes.

What types of content can AI generate?
AI can generate various types of content including blog posts, social media updates, news articles, marketing copy, and more, depending on the programming and data it’s been trained on.

Is AI-generated content unique?
AI-generated content can be unique if the AI is programmed to create novel combinations of information and style, though it’s often based on existing data and patterns.

How can AI improve content personalization?
AI can analyze user data to tailor content to individual preferences, improving engagement by delivering personalized experiences to users.

What role does AI play in video content creation?
AI can assist in video content creation by automating aspects like editing, adding effects, generating text overlays, and even creating animated videos.

Can AI help in content ideation and brainstorming?
AI can suggest content ideas and themes by analyzing trends, user interests, and performance data of past content, aiding in the brainstorming process.

How does AI impact the efficiency of content creation?
AI significantly increases the efficiency of content creation by automating routine tasks, generating content quickly, and reducing the need for extensive human input.

What are the limitations of AI in content creation?
Limitations include a lack of emotional depth, potential for inaccuracy, and difficulty in creating content that requires deep expertise or nuanced understanding.

Can AI be used to create content in multiple languages?
Advanced AI systems are capable of generating content in multiple languages, although the quality and nuance may vary depending on the language and the sophistication of the AI.

How does AI ensure the originality of generated content?
AI ensures originality by analyzing vast content databases and recombining elements in new ways, though human oversight is recommended to confirm uniqueness and relevancy.

Can AI-generated content be optimized for SEO automatically?
Yes, AI can optimize content for SEO by incorporating relevant keywords, optimizing meta tags, and structuring content in a way that aligns with search engine algorithms.

What is the role of machine learning in AI content creation?
Machine learning enables AI systems to learn from data inputs and improve over time, making content creation more efficient, accurate, and tailored to specific audiences.

How can businesses use AI for social media content creation?
Businesses can use AI to generate engaging and timely social media posts, analyze user engagement, and tailor content to the preferences of their audience.

What are the ethical considerations in AI content creation?
Ethical considerations include ensuring transparency about AI usage, avoiding misleading or manipulative content, and respecting intellectual property and privacy rights.

How does AI assist in creating interactive content?
AI can create interactive content such as quizzes, polls, and interactive infographics by analyzing user data and preferences to make the content engaging and personalized.

Can AI be used to generate creative content like poetry or stories?
AI can generate creative content like poetry or stories, but it may lack the nuanced understanding and emotional depth that human creativity brings.

What industries benefit most from AI content creation?
Industries like marketing, news, e-commerce, and entertainment benefit greatly from AI content creation through automated, personalized, and scalable content production.

How does AI content creation impact the role of content creators?
AI content creation tools complement the work of content creators by handling routine tasks, allowing creators to focus on strategy, creativity, and high-level content planning.

What future advancements are expected in AI content creation?
Future advancements may include more sophisticated natural language generation, improved emotional intelligence, and enhanced customization capabilities to create highly personalized and engaging content.

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Erwin LimaErwin Lima: What inspires Erwin is helping people, teams and brands to become the best version of themselves. Guiding them with curiosity, empathy, and Growth Storytelling.

Over the past 10+ years as a copywriter, author, consultant, and coach, he’s helped dozens of Brands, Teams, and individual human beings to grow their sense of motivation and focus, but also their reach, engagement, and revenue— through the power of their own story. You can find Erwin on LinkedIn and on his website.

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