Come Up With Effective Content Ideas With the Help of AI

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Creating content is not the most difficult part of running a profitable website or business.

Neither is coming up with content marketing ideas.

The difficult part is understanding your audience and their needs and making sure the content you create is effective and helps you reach your content marketing goals.

In this article, we’ll go over how to come up with effective content marketing ideas with the help of AI.

We’ll share strategies, tactics, and free templates and resources.

Gone are the days that create a random piece of content because you saw or read something.

It’s time to set up your Content / Inbound Marketing Strategy, do your Keywords Research and come up with new content ideas based on that.

Thought leadership vs SEO content ideas

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way.

Not all your content ideas need to tie into your keyword research (what we will get into in a bit). Sometimes you need to create content to educate your audience even though (almost) no one searches for that piece of content.

Maybe you want to be the first to cover that topic, maybe you’ve received feedback from your Customer Support or Sales team that people have a need for a specific piece of content.

Of course, you should go ahead and plan those pieces of content in your content calendar.

The point is though that when coming up with new content ideas, they should either be to:

  • Help you be a thought leader;
  • Support you Customer Success or Sales department;
  • Bring in SEO traffic;
  • A combination of the three.

A big no-no are content ideas based on: ‘I saw or read a similar piece and.. why not?’

Start with your Content Marketing Strategy 

If you want to be effective with your content, you need a strategy.

We’ve set up a simple and short step-by-step guide to help you set up your Content Marketing Strategy and we’ve created a Growth Storytelling Framework with different strategic and tactical templates to help you achieve your goals.

It includes the Content Marketing Strategy, Keyword research, Content Idea Template, and more.

You can access it here for free.

No email signup is needed.

Growth Storytelling Framework by StoryLabAI

Growth Storytelling Framework

Content Marketing Strategy Example

Content Strategy Template within the Framework

Coming up with content ideas based on content topics from your keywords research

After you’ve set up your Content Marketing Strategy, we advise doing your Keyword Research (full guide and template).

During your research, you can find new content topic opportunities based on what people actually search for and how competitive keywords / topics are.

Example keyword research

After you’ve identified content topics you want to start creating content around, you can simply copy / paste your keywords and topics into StoryLab’s AI Content Idea Generator and get fresh content ideas.’s Content Idea Generator runs on the OpenAI network so the ideas it generates are unique. There is no large Excel sheet or anything that it fetches data from. meaning, your competitors will not get the same ideas when using

Here’s an example of how it can look like when you copy / paste keyword ideas from your keyword research into

Content idea generator example

The initial results can already help you come up with new content ideas.

Though, the better your input, the better the output.

Just like Google or any other sophisticated tool. The more you help it understand what you need, the better it performs.

If you would search for ‘blog title examples’ in Google. You would not simply enter ‘blog’ and hope it can read your mind.

After you’ve run the AI Content Idea Generator a couple of times, simply copy / paste your best results into your Content Idea sheet.

content idea examples

Select the content idea you like best and explore new angles

The cool thing about’s AI Content idea generator is that you received ideas from many different angles that you might not have thought about yourself.

After you’ve completed your list of ideas based on copy / pasting the keywords from your keyword research, select one idea and re-run the AI generator.

I took this idea I’ve received earlier: “10 headline tips: a blog with 10 headline writing tips from some of the most successful writers of today.”, changed ’10 headline’ to ‘blog title’: 

example of content idea generator

I re-ran the AI generator and got the following new ideas:

examples of content ideas

In short

Creating content just because you feel like it is a big no-no.

Invest some time in setting up your strategy, doing your keywords research, and make use of great tools to help you come up with great new content stories and ideas.

Check out our Content Idea Template here and ask us any questions in our LinkedIn Group here.


How can AI assist in generating content ideas?

AI can assist in generating content ideas by analyzing vast amounts of data, identifying trending topics, understanding audience preferences, and suggesting relevant topics based on user input.

What AI tools are available to help come up with content ideas?

Several AI tools, such as ContentBot, Frase, Clearscope, and MarketMuse, utilize natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to generate content ideas, perform topic research, and analyze SEO data.

Can AI-generated content ideas be tailored to specific industries or niches?

Yes, AI can generate content ideas tailored to specific industries or niches by analyzing industry trends, competitor data, and audience demographics to provide relevant and targeted suggestions.

How does AI analyze data to suggest content ideas?

AI analyzes data from various sources, including search engine results, social media trends, and content performance metrics, to identify patterns, keywords, and topics of interest to generate relevant content ideas.

Are AI-generated content ideas reliable and accurate?

While AI-generated content ideas can provide valuable insights and inspiration, it’s essential to review and validate suggestions manually to ensure relevance, accuracy, and alignment with your content strategy.

Can AI help brainstorm content ideas based on specific keywords or topics?

Yes, AI-powered tools can brainstorm content ideas based on specific keywords or topics by analyzing related terms, search queries, and semantic relationships to generate relevant and diverse suggestions.

How can AI-generated content ideas be integrated into a content strategy?

AI-generated content ideas can be integrated into a content strategy by aligning them with business goals, target audience preferences, and content formats to create a cohesive and engaging content plan.

Are there any best practices for leveraging AI to generate content ideas?

Best practices include using AI as a supplement to human creativity and expertise, validating suggestions with audience research, and continuously refining content ideas based on performance feedback.

Can AI predict the success of content ideas before they are created?

While AI can provide insights into potential audience engagement and SEO performance based on historical data, predicting the success of content ideas with absolute certainty is challenging and may require human judgment.

How can businesses benefit from using AI to generate content ideas?

Businesses can benefit from using AI to generate content ideas by saving time on research, staying ahead of industry trends, optimizing content for SEO, and delivering relevant and valuable content to their target audience.

What role does natural language processing (NLP) play in AI-generated content ideas?

Natural language processing (NLP) enables AI to understand and analyze human language, allowing it to generate content ideas by interpreting user queries, identifying relevant topics, and generating coherent suggestions.

Can AI-generated content ideas be customized based on audience preferences?

Yes, AI can personalize content ideas based on audience preferences, behaviors, and demographics by analyzing user interactions, engagement metrics, and feedback to tailor recommendations accordingly.

How can AI-generated content ideas help improve content relevance and quality?

AI-generated content ideas help improve relevance and quality by leveraging data-driven insights, identifying gaps in existing content, and suggesting topics that align with audience interests and needs.

Are there any ethical considerations when using AI to generate content ideas?

Ethical considerations include ensuring transparency in disclosing AI involvement, respecting user privacy, avoiding bias in content suggestions, and adhering to ethical guidelines in content creation and distribution.

Can AI-generated content ideas help with content repurposing and recycling?

Yes, AI-generated content ideas can facilitate content repurposing and recycling by suggesting alternative formats, angles, or perspectives for existing content, maximizing its value and reach.

How does AI-powered content ideation compare to traditional brainstorming methods?

AI-powered content ideation offers scalability, efficiency, and data-driven insights that traditional brainstorming methods may lack, enabling faster idea generation, broader topic coverage, and improved content relevance.

What are some potential challenges of relying solely on AI for content ideation?

Challenges include potential limitations in creativity and originality, reliance on historical data, and the risk of overlooking unique human perspectives and insights that contribute to innovative content ideas.

Can AI-generated content ideas help with SEO optimization?

Yes, AI-generated content ideas can help with SEO optimization by suggesting relevant keywords, identifying content gaps, and predicting search intent, enhancing content visibility and ranking potential.

How can businesses measure the effectiveness of AI-generated content ideas?

Businesses can measure effectiveness through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as traffic, engagement metrics, conversion rates, and audience feedback to evaluate the impact of AI-generated content ideas on business goals.

What are some considerations for implementing AI-powered content ideation strategies?

Considerations include choosing reliable AI tools, validating suggestions with human expertise, integrating AI seamlessly into existing workflows, and continuously refining strategies based on performance analysis and feedback.

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