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Why you should invest time in creating great Blog Post Intros

How can we as writers draw our reader in, when we all know that time is precious and that there is an abundance of content for our readers to choose from?

Writers and their articles have only seconds to grab online readers’ attention. Next to your Post title, the intro or ‘hook’ of your story is the second most important factor determining the success of your writing.

Let’s say I clicked on your Social Media post or I found a result in Google and clicked on it. Next to the Blog Post Title, I want to know as soon as possible what the article I landed on has to offer me.

Is this article really for me? Why is it worth my time to keep on reading?

Great Blog Post Intros excite the reader to read on.

What a Great Blog Post Intro does for you and your reader

What a great blog post intro or hook does, essentially, is filter your audience. Along with the title — and, if you’re using that, the subtitle — the intro tells the reader a few things about your post, to help them decide if this is for them:

  1. Is the frame of reference that this piece is using relatable for me? Are you using examples that your intended audience can relate to?
  2. Is the problem this piece can help me solve something that I recognize or that interests me?
  3. Is the writing style a fit for me?
    And, by extension —are the personality of this writer and this piece a fit for me?

These questions, which the reader is subconsciously asking herself and which your intro answers, decide if they will read on or not. That means that if you’re using your intro right, you’re selecting the exact right reader and drawing them deeper into your story.

So, how do you do that?

How you can write great story intros and hooks

In “The Art and Business of Online Writing”, writing guru Nicolas Cole advises that your introduction should preferably begin with one simple, strong sentence. I couldn’t agree more.

Now, what is a strong sentence?

This is a sentence that elicits an emotional response, and/or creates some tension for your reader. Play with the tension between your title and this first line, to get a feel for this. You can also decide to take up a strong position in your first line, which might get your reader’s attention. For example, at the beginning of this piece I might have said:

“Your writing doesn’t excite your readers half as much as you would want. Here’s why.”

That would have caught your attention, now wouldn’t it? Be careful, it’s easy to veer too much to the harsh side.

Here are a few additional tips to creating a great blog post intro:

Next to feelings, use words that elicit an image in the reader’s mind. Like ‘reader’. ‘Draw’. ‘Sunlight’. Images — and sounds, and smells — are the closest indirect route to your reader’s emotional brain.

Try using a question sometimes, because questions automatically create tension: we want to know what the answer is going to be. Don’t we?
If you have it in you to be funny sometimes — be funny sometimes. There’s hardly a better way to open someone’s mind up to your ideas than getting them to laugh or even smile, before you start talking.

So what does that mean for you?

Write better blog post intros with the help of AI

Well, my friend — this probably means that you might want to invest a little more time and effort into your blog intros. Or, it simply means that you should not be satisfied with the first blog post intro that you write.

Or, in your future writing, how about this? Write the article, look back at your intro, and then use’s Blog Post Intro Generator to come up with multiple ideas for your hook — and pick the best one. The time to get started with AI Marketing is now.

We wish you happy writing!

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