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What Is’s AI Tone Changer / Rewriter? is an online AI Tool that helps you write better content. Fast.

One of our popular AI Tools is the Tone Changer/ Rewriter.

You can copy any piece of text you want, select a new writing style, and get the text rewritten in a different tone in seconds.

The text will not sound robotic but human. Of course, we always do advise to add your unique human touch to any marketing copy your generator with our AI Tools before publishing it on Social, your blog, sending out emails, you name it.

Get started for free with the AI Tone Changer / Rewriter.

More than just an AI Tone Changer Generator is a complete Content Creation Platform. Create Ads, Blog Posts, Social Media Posts, and more in seconds. Check out the video intro to learn more.

Benefits of AI-Powered Tone Changer Generator

Don’t settle for the first piece of content you’ve created. You can often time spice up your marketing copy by simply changing the tone. Make your marketing copy feel more adventurous, comedic, change it to a more storytelling type, etc. in seconds. Let’s explore the benefits and how to get started below.

Top benefits of the AI Tone Rewriter

  🤖 AI modes  13 writing styles
 ✍️ Improves  Copy, creativity, and more
 📖 Support  17+ Languages
 💲 Price  Free and Premium
Benefits of AI-Powered Tone Changer Generator


How to start with the AI Tone Changer / Rewriter

Let’s first look into how to fire up the AI Tone Changer Generator so you can follow along with us.

First, create a free account at and select the AI Tone Rewriter. You get 3 free runs every month and can upgrade if you need more.

Second, Copy / paste a piece of text you want to change the writing style, select one of the writing styles from the drop-down, and click inspire me.

For this example, we’ve used the opening alinea of this page and chose to change the copy to a more persuasive tone. Here’s what it looks like:

AI Tone Changer Rewriter Generator Example

Output example

Discover the power of, your online AI assistant that supercharges your writing. It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s here to revolutionize your content creation.

Among our arsenal of AI tools, the Tone Changer/ Rewriter stands out. Simply copy any text you desire, select a fresh writing style, and watch as your text is swiftly and seamlessly rewritten, sporting an entirely new tone. Experience the magic of today!

Pretty cool, right?

Let’s see what it looks like when we change it to ‘Comedic’:

Saddle up, buckaroos! Let’s venture into the wild, wild web where, your trusty online AI sidekick, is ready to help you jazz up your content like hot cakes on a Sunday morning!

Now, don’t go getting your knickers in a twist! We’ve got a knock-your-socks-off AI tool for you — the Tone Changer/ Rewriter.

Got some text? Some words? A smattering of sentences? Just toss ’em in, pick a shiny new writing style, and BOOM! Like magic, we’ve got ’em all spick and span in a brand new tone quicker than you can say “AI-made-me-do-it!”

Pretty cool. Maybe not the best option for an opening alinea for a product page, but definitely for a social media post for instance.

AI Tone Changer Generator Writing Styles

AI Tone Changer Generator Writing Styles

In a bit, we’re going to talk a bit about use cases for the AI Tone Changer. First, let’s see which writing styles you can choose from. If there is a writing style you would really want to have added, be sure to reach out to us and maybe we can have it added for you.

AI Tone Changer Writing Styles:

  • Professional;
  • Witty;
  • List;
  • Storytelling;
  • Bold;
  • Adventurous;
  • Friendly;
  • Persuasive;
  • Empathetic;
  • Sassy;
  • Classy;
  • Casual;
  • Comedic.
AI Tone Rewriter Generator Use Cases

AI Tone Rewriter Generator Use Cases

Alright! Just to spark a bit of creativity, let’s review a couple of use cases for using the AI Text Tone Changer.

We’re going to discuss the benefits for:

  • Ads;
  • Social Media Copy;
  • Headlines;

But of course, you can use it for pretty much every aspect of copywriting that you want.

Using the AI Tone Changer to Improve Your Ads

When running ads, you want to be able to run experiments and see which variations perform well. You also want to create catchy ad copy (not spammy) to stop people in their tracks (Social Media Ads) or get people to click on your ad in SERP (PPC Ads).

Having access to an AI Buddy 24/7 that can help spark creativity is huge. It can be difficult to come up with multiple variations of ad copy and especially in different tones of voice.

You can use our Ad Copy Generators to come up with your initial Ad Copy and the Tone Changer to tweak, perfect, and run your experiments.

Create Engaging Social Media Posts with the AI Tone Rewriter

Do you want to create an engaging, funny, persuasive social media post? Or do you want to tell a story? The AI Tone Rewriter can help.

You can check out your analytics and see which of your social posts has performed well and play around with the tone rewrite generator to come up with an even more engaging variation.

It’s totally fine to re-purpose your content. Sharing the same piece of content every now and then is often times a good idea. Especially if you can give it a new exciting coat in seconds with the marketing copy rewrite generator

Create Catchy Headlines with the Marketing Copy Tone Changer

Having great headlines for your blog posts or YouTube Videos helps a lot to get more clicks. If you’ve used our AI Blog Title Generator or YouTube Title Generator, you had the chance to select the writing style you wanted. If you did not, you can check out underperforming blog posts and YouTube videos and rewrite the headlines in a more engaging tone.

AI Tone Changer Generator Pricing

Our pricing is set up as followed:

  • Free – get 3 runs a month to try our tools out for free;
  • Pro – $15 a month – 100 runs a month;
  • Unlimited – $19 a month – unlimited runs a month;

You can also opt-in for the yearly membership and receive a 20% price reduction.

You can check out our full pricing here.


What is an AI Tone Changer?
An AI Tone Changer is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that can alter the tone or mood of a piece of text to match a desired style, such as making it more formal, friendly, or persuasive.

How does an AI Tone Changer work?
AI Tone Changers use natural language processing algorithms to analyze text and modify its phrasing, word choice, and sentence structure to change the tone without altering the fundamental meaning.

Can AI Tone Changers be used for business communication?
Yes, AI Tone Changers are often used in business to tailor communication to different audiences, ensuring the tone is appropriate for emails, reports, and marketing materials.

Are AI Tone Changers reliable for academic writing?
While AI Tone Changers can assist in adjusting the tone of academic writing, it’s important to review and ensure the changes align with academic standards and integrity.

Can AI Tone Changers improve emotional engagement in content?
Yes, by adjusting the tone, AI Tone Changers can make content more relatable and emotionally engaging to the target audience.

Is using an AI Tone Changer considered ethical?
Using an AI Tone Changer is generally ethical as long as it’s used to enhance communication clarity and effectiveness, and not to mislead or deceive the audience.

How can an AI Tone Changer help in customer service?
In customer service, an AI Tone Changer can help tailor responses to be empathetic, professional, or friendly, based on the customer’s needs and the context of the interaction.

What are the limitations of AI Tone Changers?
AI Tone Changers may not always grasp the nuances of human emotion or cultural subtleties in language, and they require human oversight for accuracy and appropriateness.

Can AI Tone Changers be customized for specific industries?
Yes, many AI Tone Changers can be customized to suit the specific language and tone preferences of different industries, such as healthcare, law, or technology.

How do AI Tone Changers enhance content marketing?
AI Tone Changers help in content marketing by ensuring the tone of the content aligns with the brand’s voice and resonates with the target audience, thereby improving engagement and effectiveness.

How does an AI Tone Changer enhance customer engagement?
By adjusting the tone of communications to be more aligned with customer preferences and expectations, AI Tone Changers can significantly enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Can AI Tone Changers be integrated with other AI writing tools?
Yes, you can for instance install the Grammarly Browser extension to check grammar and improve your writing even more.

What are the common use cases for an AI Tone Changer?
Common use cases include enhancing marketing material, tailoring business communication, improving customer service interactions, and personalizing content for specific audiences.

How user-friendly are AI Tone Changers for non-technical people?
We have a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for non-technical users to easily adjust the tone of your text.

Is the use of AI Tone Changers growing in the content creation industry?
The use of these tools is indeed growing in the content creation industry, as they help creators quickly adapt their tone to different platforms and audiences.

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