How To Create SEO-Friendly Blog Post Titles [Go Beyond Keywords]

Do you want to SEO-optimize you Blog post titles?

Do you think that adding your main keywords in your Title Tag will do the trick?

It’s just half the battle.

Let’s dive into how to Create SEO-Friendly Blog Post Titles

Why your Title Tag, Blog Post Title, Blog Intro and Outline matter for SEO

When optimizing your content for SEO, your goal should be to:

  1. create great content;
  2. attract people in SERP to click on your result;
  3. keep people engaged to read the entire article and not click back to Google.

1. If you want to learn moe about creating great content, check out these articles:

2. For attracting people from SERP to click on your result you need to:

  • stand out with a catchy title;
  • have your main keyword included to let people know that your result is about what they are searching for;
  • include power words, brackets, numbers, etc. to draw more attention;
  • use title capitalization to draw more attention to the right trigger words;
  • make sure the Title is not longer than 60 characters or 575 pixels.

3. For keeping people engaged to read the entire article and not click back to Google you need to deliver on the promise you made with your title, have a great intro and make the article easy to scan (paying attention to your sub-headings) so people can quickly determine if this article is worth their time.

Your blog post title boost your SEO beyond the keywords you include

Including your main keywords in the Title Tag and Blog Post Title helps, but there are researches that suggest that the engagement on SERP determines your rankings over time.


If you are #1 but people constantly click on #2 and #3, chances are that your rankings will drop.

Apparently, you did not do a great job at getting people excited with your offering.

The same goes the other way around.

If you rank #6 but a lot of people click on your offering (and stay engaged on the page! That’s why we included step 1 and 3), chances are that you will climb in rankings.

Create great blog post titles and improve your rankings

In other words.

We advise to have a holistic look at creating SEO-friendly blog post titles and Title Tags.

If you need help to come up with multiple blog post title ideas, check out our Blog Title Generator.

Simply enter the topic of your article and our generator will give you ideas.

Use these ideas to improve your offering, attract more people to click on your result and improve your rankings.

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