Blog Title Capitalization

Why You Should Do It And Best Practices

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself at least once or twice why some marketers use capitalization in their blog post titles, others don’t and why others choose to only use capitalization for certain blog post titles and… what the best practices are.

First things first.

There are no rules.

Proper grammar would dictate that you should only use capitalization for the first letter of the first word of a sentence, for names, and some other exceptions.

When blogging, you don’t per se use proper writing like you would when you’re writing an essay.

The reason that marketers use capitalization for their blog post titles is to stand out better and to make titles easier to scan when browsing on Social Media or in Search Engines.

For instance:

Blog title capitalization – why you should do it and best practices


Blog Title Capitalization – Why You Should Do It + Best Practices

Which title stands out more?

You could also do a third variation where you only use capitalization for words you want to stand out. Meaning, not using it for short words:

Blog Title Capitalization – Why you Should do it + Best Practices

Blog Title Capitalization Options

You basically have three options:

  1. Only capitalize the first word of the sentence
  2. Capitalize words that you want to have stand out
  3. Capitalize all words.

We usually choose option 3. We just like how it looks and find it is still easy to scan and it stands out.

Blog Title Capitalization And SEO

Be mindful that some Google displays Title Tags based on pixels but most tools give indications of the correct range based on number of characters. If you capitalize a lot of all words in your Title Tag and your tool shows that you are just within the number of character limit, you most likely are beyond the limit because capitalized words take more pixels than non-capitalized words.

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Blog Title Capitalization and Blog Title Generators

At, we want to help you to write more. Write better and Grow faster. Our AI Marketing Copy Generators like our Blog Title Generator help you to do just that. Please be mindful that we also believe that you should add a human touch to all generated copy. Capitalization is one of those human touches.


What is blog title capitalization?
Blog title capitalization refers to the practice of formatting the titles of blog posts by capitalizing certain words to conform to specific style guidelines, enhancing readability and consistency.

Why is capitalization important in blog titles?
Proper capitalization in blog titles is important for creating a professional appearance, grabbing readers’ attention, and ensuring consistency across your blog.

What are the common rules for blog title capitalization?
Common rules include capitalizing the first and last words, all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and subordinate conjunctions. Articles, coordinating conjunctions, and prepositions are usually lowercased.

How does capitalization vary with different style guides?
Style guides like APA, MLA, and Chicago have varying rules for title capitalization. For instance, APA style capitalizes all words of four letters or more, while MLA capitalizes the first letter of each significant word.

Can improper capitalization in blog titles affect SEO?
While improper capitalization does not directly affect SEO, well-capitalized titles can improve user engagement and click-through rates, indirectly benefiting SEO.

Are there tools available for blog title capitalization?
Yes, there are online tools and software available that automatically apply title capitalization according to various style guides.

Should blog titles always follow strict capitalization rules?
While it’s generally good practice to follow standard capitalization rules, some blogs may opt for unique styles, like all lowercase, to match their brand identity.

How do capitalization rules apply to acronyms in blog titles?
Acronyms are usually capitalized entirely, regardless of their position in the title, unless they are commonly written in lowercase.

Is it important to maintain consistent capitalization across all blog titles?
Consistency in title capitalization across all posts is important for maintaining a professional and cohesive look throughout your blog.

Can the capitalization of blog titles impact social media sharing?
Well-capitalized titles can appear more professional and eye-catching, potentially increasing the likelihood of being shared on social media platforms.

How does blog title capitalization differ for SEO headlines?
For SEO, while capitalization doesn’t directly impact rankings, a well-capitalized title can improve click-through rates by making headlines more appealing in search engine results.

Should numbers in blog titles be capitalized?
Numbers are not capitalized, but the words around them should follow standard title capitalization rules for consistency and readability.

How do blog title capitalization practices affect readability?
Proper capitalization helps in defining the structure of a title, making it easier for readers to scan and understand the headline quickly.

What is the impact of inconsistent capitalization in blog titles?
Inconsistent capitalization can make a blog appear unprofessional and may confuse readers about the blog’s style or tone.

Are there any exceptions to title capitalization rules in blogs?
Exceptions can include stylistic choices for brand identity or creative purposes, though these should be used consistently across the blog.

Can using all caps in blog titles be effective?
Using all caps in titles can grab attention but may be perceived as shouting and should be used sparingly to emphasize specific words or phrases.

What is sentence case capitalization in blog titles?
Sentence case capitalization involves capitalizing only the first word of the title and any proper nouns, offering a more casual and modern feel.

How do capitalization practices vary for multilingual blogs?
For multilingual blogs, capitalization rules may vary based on the language and its specific grammatical rules, requiring adaptations for each language.

Is it advisable to change blog title capitalization for republished content?
Changing the capitalization for republished content is generally unnecessary unless updating the title for clarity, SEO, or style consistency.

How can bloggers decide on the best capitalization style for their titles?
Bloggers should consider their target audience, overall blog style, and readability, and may choose to follow a specific style guide for consistency.

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