How to Improve your Writing Skills With This 5-Minute Principle

Improve your writing with the archetypal “Need, Solution, Result” structure

The one simple storytelling principle I wish everybody knew

There is one simple trick I learned years ago in a book about copywriting, that I keep thinking and referring back to when people ask me questions about writing. Or when they ask me to review their stuff, or help them write better.

What is the “Need, Solution, Result” storytelling structure?

You already know it, even if you don’t. This structure is the basis of every story you’ve ever heard, read, or watched — and loved.

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1. Problem or Need
In the beginning of the story, there’s a situation that needs to be changed. Something that needs to be improved. In fiction, this is usually a threat to the life or way of life of the main character and/or their loved ones. In business writing, this is often a problem or directly felt pain that someone needs or wants to overcome. In personal development writing, it’s a problem that most of us can relate to and that we would love to know how to solve.

Use this structure and draw the right reader into your stories, everytime

The person that you want to connect to with your story, will recognize your description of the need or pain that you’re adressing. They will want to read on to see how your proposed solution works. And after that they’ll for sure want to be put at ease by your explanation about the end situation or results.

Stories that are understood, remembered, and that inspire people to act

This structure is what tells the human brain that this even is a story. That this is something you want to keep paying attention to. That this is something that you want to believe, remember, act on and/or tell other people about.

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