Mindful Writing. The Secret Ingredient to Supercharging Growth.

I Learned the hard way —so you don’t have to.

  • Is part of the founding team of a brand spanking new AI-copywriting start-up;
  • Has a new parttime job at one of the top-10 growth hacking agencies in the world;
  • Has more clients for his Brand Storytelling services than he can manage;
  • And has two new books coming out somewhere around the last quarter of this year.

The importance of mindfulness in writing and in life

I want to talk to you about the importance of Mindfulness in writing. I can’t promise that you’ll get the same results in a year as I have, but I can promise you this: more mindfulness in your writing makes for better writing, better connecting, and more growth for you as a writer. And as a person.

Mindfulness — because writing is thinking and feeling

Writing is thinking

1. Mindful journaling

I always tell people that to grow more — either as a storyteller or as a writer — they should write more.

2. Mindful outlining and writing

When you’re writing for an audience, 99% of the time you have a certain goal with that writing. I strongly encourage my students and anyone who wants to write better, to make that goal as clear, specific and explicit as possible before you actually start to write.

3. Mindful editing and gathering & implementing feedback

When — and only when — you’re done freely writing, it becomes the time to edit. Polishing. Making your first draft a great story.

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