How Online Educational Tools Are Revolutionizing E-learning?

E-learning is the blanket term that is used to describe learning that is done through electronic and digital means. In most contexts and areas, e-learning can refer to activities such as taking online classes and studying from soft-form books, etc.

Nowadays, newer and newer technological advancements are impacting the field of e-learning. These advancements help in making the learning process quicker and easier.

Online educational tools are an example of such advancements. In this post, we’re going to be looking at what these tools are and how they can help make the process of digital learning better.

Understanding Online AI Educational Tools

Understanding Online AI Educational Tools

To properly understand online educational tools, we can assign them to three supposed categories.

In our estimation, educational tools can be sorted into the following types:

The tools that allow teachers and students to interact and collaborate with one another

The tools that allow students to perform educational activities for learning purposes

The tools that allow students to perform their assignment tasks such as writing essays, creating research papers, and the like.

Let’s understand all of these types of tools in some detail before moving on.

 1. Digital collaboration and interaction tools

These tools consist of online platforms and websites that allow teachers and students to interact with one another even when they are miles away from each other in real life.

Back in 2021 when COVID hit, classes began taking place online through platforms such as Zoom and Google Classroom. These types of platforms, especially the latter, are made with specific features that allow them to be used for educational purposes.

For example, in Google Classroom, there is an option for participants to chat with one another. There are also options available for the teacher to draw and annotate on the screen to explain something or highlight a point, etc.

 2. Tools for educational activities

There are also online tools available on the Internet that allow teachers to create enjoyable educational activities for their students. The purpose of these tools is to make the process of learning fun and entertaining so that it can be more engaging for the students.

Platforms like Pear Deck and Kahoot! are examples of such platforms/tools. They allow the teacher to create activities like MCQs, Drawings, Choose the Number, etc., to help explain topics and concepts to their students.

 3. Tools for assignment creation

This category of online tools consists of platforms and software that students can use to create assignments and get help in their writing tasks.

For example, online content generation tools can help students create prompts and short-form texts for their assignments. Grammar and spell-checking AI tools like Grammarly can help students fix and optimize their work before they hand it in.

 How Online Educational Tools Are Improving and Revolutionizing E-Learning?

How Online Educational Tools Are Improving and Revolutionizing E-Learning

Now let’s get back to the main topic. How are these online tools improving and revolutionizing the landscape of e-learning?

 1. Online educational tools help create more flexibility and eligibility for students

One of the benefits of educational tools is that they allow for more flexibility and eligibility.

What does that mean? Let us explain.

Basically, in traditional learning, a student has to be physically present in a classroom, in front of a teacher so that they can take lessons. Even in basic levels of e-learning where a teacher may use electronic devices to teach, students have to be present in the classroom itself.

This requirement can cause a lot of students to miss out on their education due to not being able to make it to the physical premises. There can be various reasons for that, such as long-distance traveling, shortage of funds, etc.

But with online collaboration tools (such as the one we’ve described above), this problem does not remain. Students can join online classes and digital learning sessions from afar without worrying about being physically present.

 2. Online educational tools help increase engagement in students

This benefit of educational tools corresponds with the second type that we mentioned above.

When online tools are used to impart lessons and to explain topics, the experience becomes more enjoyable for the students. It doesn’t remain a boring text read or lecture. Rather, it becomes an engaging activity that they (the students) can have fun doing.

This can lead them to actually pay attention to the concepts/topics and learn better.

 3. Educational tools can help students become more productive

This benefit that we’re mentioning corresponds to the third type of tool that we mentioned above.

When students use online tools to create and perfect their assignments, it helps to make them more productive. They can get more done in less time. They can make good assignments with the help of online tools and also sharpen their own skills while they are at it.

  • For example, students can use online grammar checkers and spell checkers on their assignments to perfect them. But, as they use the tools to find and remove the mistakes, they can also actively see the type of mistakes that they are more likely to make.
  • In the same way, if students use online content generators to get some help in creating the assignments, it can help them realize different ways to word their thoughts and approach their writing tasks.

 How to Get the Most Out of Online Educational Tools?

If you want to get the most out of online educational tools, you need to make sure you know all about them and how they are to be used. There are many different online resources that you can use to educate yourself on this subject.

Personally, we think that “Educational Tools” is a great website for this purpose. On this website, there are numerous blog posts that you can find on online learning tools and their uses, benefits, etc. There are various categories that you can choose from to learn about a specific type of tool.


Online educational tools are revolutionizing e-learning by providing innovative solutions that enhance collaboration, engagement, and productivity. The tools facilitate interactions between teachers and students, create enjoyable learning activities, and help teachers refine assignments.

As online educational tools offer flexibility, increase engagement, and promote productivity, they are reshaping the landscape of education, enhancing access, engaging, and effective learning for students worldwide. It is important for users to familiarize themselves with these tools’ functions and explore resources like “Educational Tools” for comprehensive guidance and insight.

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