‘Conversation Generation’ Book

Learn how to shift your entire marketing process to educate and support your audience, get them to request conversations, and drive more revenue.

The days of collecting contact information and sending those ‘Leads’, that you call ‘marketing qualified’, to your sales team are over. The poor conversion rates and high customer acquisition cost (CAC) should’ve ended this practice years ago.

Many companies see conversion from ‘Lead’ to Opportunity at less than one percent.

It sometimes feels as if marketers forget to ask themselves a few very important questions:

  • Is this the way I make a buying decision?
  • Is this how I or people I know want to be treated when looking for information?
  • Is there actual data to support that this is the way buyers actually become happy customers?

The answer is NO to all of these questions.

The original goal of lead generation was to generate revenue for your business. Today it’s to create ‘MQLs’, the marketing goal now differs from that of the company.

Marketing began changing the rules in the middle of the game. Marketing ‘success’ is now determined by a metric that they control – MQLs.

In comes Demand Generation to improve the process of lead generation. Putting an emphasis on driving revenue. Demand generation splits into demand creation and demand capture. The latter focused on getting prospects, that are already in-market, to sign up for a Demo. The former educates and supports your audience with problems that relate to your category.

This means that we are either collecting demand that has already been created or waiting without control for our demand creation activities to pay dividends.

Conversation generation looks to fill the void between these two by creating reasons for your audience to request to talk to you.

Before they are ready to buy.

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