What is Demand Generation?

The Essential Elements it Includes

Starting off with the full overview of what Demand Generation is and breaking it down into smaller parts.

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What is Demand Generation

What is Demand Generation

Demand Generation encompasses

  • Demand creation;
  • Conversation generation;
  • And demand capture.

To cultivate long-term relations with your audience by educating and supporting them with the ultimate goal being to drive conversations and revenue.

What is Demand Creation?

What is Demand Creation

Demand Creation
is the process of driving awareness and affinity for your brand and category through educating and supporting your audience. This can be through content or conversation.

What is Demand Capture?

What is Demand Capture

Demand Capture
is the process of getting prospects that are deemed in-marketing, those looking to get into a buying motion based on the demand created for your category or solution by your company, competitors, or analysts.

What is Conversation Generation?

What is Conversation Generation

Conversation generation
is an additional step to create conversations with your audience before they are ready to purchase. Educating and supporting your audience through 1-to-1 and 1-to-few moments that allow you to drive the narrative and create urgency.

What is Lead Generation?

What is Lead Generation

Lead Generation
is an attempt to collect contact information at every stage of demand generation process. Then contacts are ‘lead scored’ based on arbitrary point systems resulting in prospects being sent to sales before they are ready. This leads to < 1% conversion rates(MQL to Opp) because you are attempting to push prospects, that don’t have a need, into a sales process.

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