6 Best New Marketing Tools For 2024

You know the drill – you find a new marketing tool or strategy that allows you to get some edge on your competitors, only to find out a few months later that they have already caught up and much of the edge is gone. That’s why everyone is constantly on the lookout for the new kids on the block that would help them improve their operations or make them more effective.

With the emergence of artificial intelligence, martech startups are trying to insert AI into the processes that were until now done manually and take advantage of its seamlessly unlimited capacity. The other trend to notice among the up-and-coming marketing tools is customer centricity. Acquiring new customers is getting more and more expensive and with nothing to suggest this trend will reverse, companies are increasingly aware of the value of the customers they already have and the importance of either just keeping them, or being able to sell them more.

With that said, let’s look at the 6 new marketing tools that came into the spotlight in 2024 and explore what they have to offer.

Out of Dark

This new customer journey mapping tool helps you to keep track of and gather data about all your customer touchpoints and gives you complete control over the overall customer experience. Rather than having the customer experience-related information scattered over countless apps, docs, and even the employees’ minds, you can visualize them using powerful touchpoints that can hold a wide range of data including performance metrics. 

Creating customer personas and attaching them to relevant touchpoints allows you to customize the CX without worry that you will get lost in its complexity. Apart from visualizing the customer journey, Out of Dark pushes you to improve it with built-in touchpoint-oriented project management. The company has also announced it’s working on an AI Assistant that will crunch the performance metrics from every touchpoint, warn you when something is off, and give you insights you would spend countless hours looking for yourself.

Out of Dark New Marketing Tool


Smartlook enables you to gather session recordings and analyze the behavior of your website visitors. Utilizing quantitative analytics, it can help you understand every user action and provide insights into any struggles users encounter during the website visit. Recordings can be segmented using various filters and even display JavaScript errors when the user encounters a technical problem or experiences a bug.

Individual events can be grouped into funnels which will help you to identify strong and weak points of the user’s journey, and traditional heatmaps will give you an idea about the “busiest” parts of your pages. You can also integrate multiple analytics, customer service, and e-commerce tools and platforms into your session recording and event tracking.

Smartlook New Marketing Tool


Journy.io operates at the intersection of marketing and sales and will be ideally utilized by the cooperation of these two departments in your company. After it collects your product, customer, and subscription data, it keeps an eye on all your users and uses artificial intelligence to identify those who are most likely to subscribe, expand their subscription, or churn, while providing you key information about every single one of them and creating profiles of your ideal customers.
It also uses this data to identify usage patterns and their impact on acquisition, conversion, expansion, and churn. You can create playbook automations that will be automatically applied to automatically-identified users.

Journy.io New Marketing Tool


Brand24 is like that High School friend who keeps track of everything that’s ever said or merely mentioned about you (or anyone else) – who said it, when, and how exactly it was meant. This tool is constantly scraping the internet for any mentions of your brand using more than 25 million sources while being able to identify the sentiment of these mentions and pass you the most relevant information they convey. This information can be then presented and evaluated in various reports.

This tool is an ideal assistant when rolling out new features or making a major announcement to show you in real time how the audience reacts. It can also serve as a kind of insurance policy – if something goes wrong and has the potential to become a PR catastrophe, you can catch this in its roots, see how bad it is, and take necessary actions to prevent it from spreading even further.

Brand24 New Marketing Tool


Every marketer has dreamed of a personal assistant who wouldn’t have to be paid much and would be able to help with the tiresome but necessary tasks of the marketer’s daily life. Arcane can help you with just that – automate manual tasks with workflows and save hours of work every week.
It’s able to integrate and work with data from the most popular marketing platforms and even measure the effectiveness of cross-channel campaigns. If you want your marketing team of 3 to function like a marketing team of 5, Arcane is a tool to go for.

Arcane New Marketing Tool


RAD can monitor, process, and evaluate a huge amount of marketing data and provide you with insights only artificial intelligence is capable of sourcing. Its Persona Engine can segment your audience and define its traits and interests. It can then use this information to suggest the best influencers to work with to effectively target these audiences and use their reach to enhance your brand awareness.

The whole process is data-based and it claims to outperform human-based discovery by staggering numbers, while also giving you a clear idea of ROI, which is one of the biggest reasons why some companies aren’t fully onboard the influencer train and claim it’s difficult to track. RAD also offers tailored solutions utilizing their proprietary AI language models to launch hyper-optimized marketing campaigns.

RAD AI New Marketing Tool

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