What does Conversation Generation mean in Demand Generation

In the world of demand generation, where only a small percentage of the audience is actively considering a purchase. 3% if you ask most marketers. The majority of prospects are then exposed to demand creation content that we are hoping will eventually lead a prospect to convert.

But what if we could bridge the gap by generating conversations with the remaining 97%?

This article explores the concept of Conversation Generation, an innovative approach to inbound lead generation that focuses on creating inbound requests for meaningful conversations not from content offers.

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Recognizing the Gap in Conversion Rates

Recognizing the Gap in Conversion Rates

By examining the disparity between conversion rates of demo requests and content offer leads, we understand that pushing prospects to have conversations with salespeople when they are not ready is not the optimal approach.

As marketers, our goal is not to force interactions through arbitrary lead-scoring algorithms but to create genuine interest and willingness to engage. Most Demo requests convert to Opportunity at 20%+ while content offers convert at sub 1%. That’s a large gap and shows high inefficiency in the content offer process of lead generation.

Broadening the Field of Conversations

Broadening the Field of Conversations

The key question arises: How can we expand the pool of individuals who genuinely want to engage in conversations with us? And how can we increase the conversion rates of these conversations into actual sales and revenue?

Demo requests convert well and content offers do not. What is the difference between these two methods? One group wants to talk to us and one group doesn’t, they only want to learn from us by consuming our content.

Conversation Generation offers a fresh perspective on inbound lead generation, shifting the focus towards generating additional types of conversational inbound requests.

Whether 1:1 experiences are generally more closely tied to your product or 1:few around tangential topics related to our category.

The Power of Conversations in the Sales Process

The Power of Conversations in the Sales Process

Conversations present unique opportunities to accomplish two fundamental goals of any sales process: driving the narrative around a problem and creating a sense of urgency. By initiating these conversations earlier in the process, businesses gain a competitive edge, building stronger relationships and influencing prospects’ decision-making.

If you can do these things earlier in the process, you win!

Unleashing the Potential of Conversation Generation

Conversation Generation serves as a solution to the limitations of traditional Lead and Demand Generation approaches. It empowers marketers to engage with a wider audience in meaningful conversations, without solely relying on the 3% of prospects actively seeking demos or sales calls. By understanding the intent of prospective buyers, creative avenues can be explored to foster valuable engagements that go beyond traditional approaches.

A quick video about Conversation Generation

Our co-founder and CEO, Brian Cohen explains in this short video what Conversation Generation means in Demand Generation.

Be sure to watch till the end and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Author bio

Brian Cohen StoryLab.aiI build businesses, brands and people by creating unique experiences that make a positive impact. I take prospects from thinking “what is this?” to saying “I need this!”

Brian Cohen is also the Co-Founder and CEO at StoryLab.ai. You can find more info about Brian on LinkedIn.

Video transcript (auto-generated)

What do we mean when we talk about conversation generation within demand generation?

Well if we as we talked about earlier demand creation and demand capture being 3% of our audience. Demand creation is us talking to the other 97% percent of our audience.

So if we’re trying to push that message out it really makes sense for us to try to have one-to-one or one-to-few conversations with those folks. So what does that look like and there are varying ways to do that? If somebody that is seeking change they’re very close to being in a buying motion we might position them with showing them how our solution can support them. So we might do something like a showcase and compare our platform to what they’re doing now and trying to elicit that change.

Other folks may be further or earlier in the journey and we’re just trying to educate and support but we get the chance to understand what their pains are where they need help and then we can drive the Narrative of how we can best support them. So figuring out what does that look like for your team? Can you create some sort of Workshop where you get to interact on this one-t- few basis with your audience?

Is it more of a master class where you’re really teaching about specific pains and problems with the audience has. Again, you get that one-to-few interaction so what does that look like to really get a small group? Maybe you utilize an ask me anything an AMA type of session where folks get to really dive into the problems that they’re having and looking for real solutions. If we can do that we show our thought leadership we show that we’re here to support our audience and again we still get to drive the narrative and create urgency to push towards revenue for our business.

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