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Get started with the Brand Growth Storytelling course

Brand Growth Storytelling [Course]

How to tell better stories and get better results. Find the right message & strategy and attract the right people to add value and grow your brand


  1. The importance of Creating your Brand Story from a Business Growth and Marketing perspective;
  2. Growth Storytelling: An iterative approach;
  3. Creating your Brand Story & Messaging in Five Steps;
  4. Setting up your Messaging Strategy in Five Steps;
  5. Don’t Forget about Employee Advocacy;
  6. Growing 10X faster and easier with AI.

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Get started with Mastering Demand Generation for Growth and Revenue Course

Mastering Demand Generation for Growth and Revenue [Course]

Welcome to the Demand Generation course designed specifically for founders, executives, marketing leaders, and all marketers seeking to drive impactful growth and revenue within their organizations.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

✔️ Review all facets of Demand Generation
✔️ Understand your intent vs your prospect’s
✔️ Develop your own demand generation strategy
✔️ Understand the numbers

What you’ll learn…

Unlike other courses that might share a high-level overview of demand generation, I’m going to show you how to really support your team. You’ll master the professional skills necessary to drive pipeline and revenue growth with your team.

✔️ Gain buy-in for the changes necessary to improve
✔️ Get alignment within your org
✔️ Focus beyond leads and MQLs
✔️ How to find areas of opportunities in your funnel

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AI Content Marketing Fundamentals [Premium Course]

This premium course costs $50 and is not included in the community membership.

Future-proof your content strategy, process, and creation efforts

  • Have a much better understanding of the fundamentals of good storytelling.
  • Have learned some of the best systems for fun, fast, powerful writing with or without the help of AI.
  • Have a clearer understanding of your own content creation goals and how to improve on key KPIs.

Course chapters:

  1. How to think about AI content creation in a holistic, strategic, ethical, and future-proof way.
  2. How to create more compelling content — and how to do it easier and faster with the help of AI.
  3. How you can make the shift from often low ROI Employee Advocacy, to sustainably successful Team Storytelling (especially in B2B/SaaS environments).
  4. How to keep upgrading yourself as a creator, a team, and as a brand, continuously — by using Growth Storytelling and tools like AI as a means to improve yourself.
  5. And last but certainly not least importantly: how to effectively integrate AI content tools and capabilities into your content creation and marketing processes.
  6. As a bonus, in the sixth chapter of the course we guide you a step-by-step redesign of your Content Marketing Strategy and Process, setting you up for success in an AI-ubiquitous future marketing landscape.

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Get started with Improving Lead Generation for B2B SaaS Marketers Course

Improving Lead Generation for B2B SaaS Marketers [Course]

The days of collecting contact information and sending those ‘Leads’, that you call ‘marketing qualified’, to your sales team are over.

The poor conversion rates and high customer acquisition cost (CAC) should’ve ended this practice years ago. Many companies see conversion from ‘Lead’ to Opportunity at less than one percent.

It sometimes feels as if marketers forget to ask themselves a few very important questions:

Is this the way I make a buying decision? Is this how I or people I know want to be treated when looking for information? Is there actual data to support that this is the way buyers in my target market actually become happy customers?

The answer is NO to all of these questions.

Start the course and learn more about the prospect intent pyramid.  A tool that helps you make the shift toward Conversation Generation, to fill that gap between demand creation and demand capture. We discuss how to use it in this course.