Improve Your Writing Skills Using ChatGPT: Is it Realistic?

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ChatGPT as a writing tool

ChatGPT as a writing tool

When using ChatGPT to improve writing, you need to give it the right prompts. You can’t just ask it to proofread your essay and make corrections. It wouldn’t have the same contextual understanding as a human editor.

Your prompt would need to be more specific and comprehensive. Providing clear bullet points in your prompt would give you a better result. You may need to include background information and other relevant details that could make what you want clearer.

Natural language processing helps machines process and understand human language. It has come quite far but it isn’t yet in the place where it can replace human writing. It tends to lack the kind of creative spark that engages readers. If you rely on it entirely, you will never improve your own writing skills.

Enhance existing copy with ChatGPT

Enhance existing copy with ChatGPT

When you receive a response from an AI-powered writing tool like ChatGPT it may be well organized but tends to be generic. You need to take the time to evaluate it. One of the writing tips when using AI writing models is not to use the text they generate directly. 

  • Use the insights to refine and improve your own writing. 
  • If you already have a copy and you want to know how to enhance it, ChatGPT can provide writing assistance. 
  • It can correct a paragraph to be more coherent. It can make the structure clearer and more concise.
  • It can fix the grammar mistakes like sentence structure and consistency of tenses. 
  • You can ask it to add an example to make a paragraph more thought-provoking. 
  • It can change the style in which you wrote a paragraph. It will avoid contractions if you want to make the style more formal and professional. 

Generate ideas with ChatGPT

Generate ideas with ChatGPT

If you battle to get original ideas, ChatGPT can help. Training in a language model requires using vast amounts of data from different sources. This means it has access to a wealth of information that can help it to generate ideas. 

You could ask ChatGPT a “what if” question to generate some hypothetical scenario. If you prompted it to think like a certain historical character, it could come up with a perspective you hadn’t thought about before. You could ask it for an analogy or a metaphor. For instance, if you had to write about a concept in math you were battling to understand, you could ask ChatGPT for a metaphor to help you understand it. 

Extend your vocabulary

ChatGPT can help you to expand your vocabulary. It has an excellent vocabulary due to its training using a vast number of data sources. You can ask it to suggest synonyms or antonyms for words you tend to use too often. In your prompt, you could ask for a sentence containing a specific word. 

Improve your writing style 

Your writing style consists of the specific language, structure, and tone you use. It is important to note that to get the right tone and structure, your prompts have to be spot on. 

Unless you provide the right prompts, the writing may be repetitive and points out of context. Sometimes the sources it uses are outdated or irrelevant. Students who get help from professional writers at the essay writing service Edubirdie won’t have to deal with problems like this. They can choose an expert writer who will quickly understand the context, do research, quote relevant sources, and know how to cite them. An essay will be plagiarism free and won’t be repetitive. 

ChatGPT can help you to understand different writing styles such as: 

  • Descriptive 
  • Narrative 
  • Expository 
  • Persuasive

It can also help you to understand different genres. It will analyze your writing to make sure you stick to a particular genre. 

You can ask ChatGPT to create an outline for an article or essay. This can teach you more about how to structure your writing and what type of subheadings to use. 


ChatGPT is one of the useful AI writing tools that can improve your writing if you use it in the best way. It won’t improve your writing unless you use it to assist you rather than replace you. You can use it to enhance existing copy, generate ideas, create outlines, and improve your vocabulary and writing style.

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