Writing Tips For Beginners

3 Ways to Improve Your Writing off the bat

1. Read more, write more

Let me give you a weird example of how and why this works.

2. Cut down the use of adverbs and adjectives (and words in general)

Writing is personal. And what constitutes quality writing has everything to do with your objectives: the degree to which you accomplish what you set out to accomplish with your writing, is the degree to which your writing efforts were successful.

Decide your strategic storytelling goals and stick to them

Decide on the main thought and main feeling you want to help get across. What is it you want this story to help you and your readers to achieve? Decide on no more than three supporting thoughts for your main thoughts. Decide on a CTA (Call-to-Action).

3. Write what you know

And finally, a piece of writing advice that you hear over and over again. ‘Write what you know’. Sounds smart, don’t it? But what does it mean? And why is it so important?

  • Write blog intros, anecdotes, and examples from your own experience, because readers can feel your authenticity through the examples that you offer. And the more authentic your examples, the more of a shot you have of emotionally hooking your reader into your story.
  • Do your research if and when you’re writing about something that you’re not a full expert about yet, but still learning. And in that case, do your research well enough that you can create a sound outline without your notes at hand. Fill in sources after outlining, with links and references.

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