The Art of Creating Viral YouTube Videos [+ 4 Best Tools]

Creating engaging YouTube videos that resonate with your audience and captivate attention is a must in the modern competitive landscape of social media, however, it is a challenging feat.

With the amount of content being viewed daily, your videos not only have to be high-quality but also stand out and offer something unique.

In this article aims to, we will discuss the best tools that will help you enhance your YouTube content and achieve new heights on the platform as a creator.

1. Movavi Video Editor

Movari Video Editor

When editing YouTube content, it’s essential to have a consolidated toolset without shuffling between various software or compromising on quality. Video editor by Movavi is tailored to simplify this process, offering a user-friendly interface combined with a coherent workflow.

Tailored for digital trendsetters and influencers, Movavi ensures swift video exporting and the convenience of posting on several platforms simultaneously. It boasts a comprehensive suite of editing tools, ranging from trimming and resizing functions to video stabilization and beyond.

For those aiming to captivate new viewers or seasoned YouTubers eager to amplify the engagement, striking visuals are the cornerstone to stand out. Movavi amplifies this with over 180 creative filters such as VHS, blur, and glitch, making attention-grabbing easier than ever. The inclusion of AI-driven features, like background and noise elimination tools, as well as a plethora of presets, further enhances its appeal.

Navigating such an expansive toolkit can be daunting for newcomers. However, Movavi alleviates this with its informative YouTube blog, packed with insightful tutorials and illustrative examples, guiding you in transforming basic clips into digital artistry.

What makes Movavi Video Editor unique?

  • User-friendly all in one approach, encompassing all the necessary tools in one place. 
  • AI-based features such as motion tracking, noise and background removal. 
  • Informative blog and YouTube channel for those seeking to elevate their video editing skills.

2. Lightworks

Lightworks Video Editor

If you’re in the market for a sturdy YouTube editing tool that boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface tailored for novices, consider Lightworks. Its capabilities ensure the smooth handling of videos, regardless of their size, quality, or frame rate. The added benefits of background processing and export guarantee your artistic flow remains uninterrupted.

With access to over 700 adjustable titles and motion graphics, you’re set to captivate your YouTube audience and gain fresh subscribers. Explore Lightworks’ color enhancement, tone adjustment, and built-in LUTs to elevate your visual content, and witness a surge in viewer engagement.

When you’ve perfected your video, you can instantly post it to YouTube or other social channels straight from Lightworks. Alternatively, utilize its Dropbox and Google Drive connections for storage. This standout feature also paves the way for collaborative endeavors, letting teams cohesively edit videos together.

What makes Lightworks unique?

  • Advanced sound modification, giving you the ability to adjust, separate and overlay tracks.
  • Elimination of unnecessary wait time during video processing and output.
  • Collaborative workflow, giving you the ability to work on a project with your team

3. Adobe Rush

Adobe Rush Video Editor

Designed with social media influencers in mind, Adobe Premiere Rush delivers professional-grade video editing right at your disposal. Its user-friendly approach allows for a streamlined process where you can film, refine, and post top-notch videos from your device, whether it’s a smartphone or computer, thanks to its intuitive and social-platform-geared interface.

Premiere Rush ensures a versatile creative experience, boasting features that range from straightforward audio tools and motion graphics to a collection of pre-designed title templates. It enables smooth transition additions, precision in video adjustments through both preset and hands-on color tuning, speed alterations for cinematic effects, and adept audio management, including ducking and voiceovers.

Whether you’re on macOS, Windows, iOS, or Android, Premiere Rush caters to your editing needs on the go, marking it as an indispensable asset for frequent travelers or those who prefer varied device options for their editing tasks.

What makes Adobe Rush unique?

  • Ability to work simultaneously and seamlessly from multiple devices.
  • Precise video adjustment and color grading.
  • Ability to post to multiple social media platforms with just one click. 

4. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie Video Editor

Crafting videos of a Hollywood caliber often demands immense computing strength and top-tier equipment. But with Apple’s iMovie, however, that perception changes. Its ready-to-use templates spanning various genres and a cinematic feature that pairs flawlessly with the iPhone’s recording ability ensure that you can easily churn out silver-screen quality videos.

Thanks to its compatibility with 4K video, ProRes, and Apple ProRAW, your YouTube content will consistently shine with clarity and color. Go beyond visuals by integrating title cards, credits, and even the magic of green screen effects to infuse a distinctive flair to your creations.

Sound and music are pivotal in narrating a tale. With over 100 distinct soundtracks, each can be smoothly and automatically synced to your videos. If you desire the capabilities typical of desktop or Mac video editors but in a mobile format, iMovie stands out. Its consistent experience across iPhone, iPad, and Mac guarantees a fluid creative process.

What makes Apple iMovie unique?

  • Ability to work perfectly with iPhone’s recording features.
  • 4K video support, which is mainly only available on computer-based video editors.
  • Huge collection of cinematic templates of different genres, and more than 100 unique soundtracks. 

Whether you’re an influencer aiming to expand your reach, a brand seeking more engagement, or a newbie yearning to make a mark, the tools you choose can make all the difference. From Movavi’s AI-enhanced features to Lightworks’ collaborative workflows, Adobe Rush’s multi-device capabilities, and iMovie’s Hollywood-inspired templates, these four video editing tools provide both novices and professionals with the means to transform their visions into YouTube masterpieces.

 The digital age continually evolves, and with tools like these at one’s disposal, so too can the art of creating viral YouTube videos. Dive in, explore, and let your content shine.

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