Abandoned Cart Email Subject Line Examples that will Inspire you


What are Abandoned cart emails

Abandoned cart emails are personalised automated email reminders sent to individuals who have not finished an online transaction.
Usually, the first abandoned cart email is sent an hour after the individual leaves the site. The sender can choose to also send automated follow up emails to try to get the person to finish the transaction. This can be done if a certain time period has passed or if an event happened like a price reduction.

Abandoned Cart Email Subject Line Examples that will Inspire you

In this article, we’ll go over some inspirational Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines to help you to entice people to take that last cricial step and convert into a paying customer.

A lot of time, effort and money has gone into getting people to learn about you and take the first steps. It’s time to use the power of email marketing to get people to convert.

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Check out in the image below how we’ve used our email subject line generator to take one of the examples below and create variations.

Don’t be satisfied with the first subject line. Create variations, add your unique human touch and experiment with different copy.

abandoned cart email subject line examples

Abandoned Cart Email Subject Line examples

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  • Did you see something you liked?
  • Eyeing something? We got the good stuff.
  • [Company name] is selling out quick. Don’t miss out.
  • Price drop on you favorites! Get it today.
  • Quick heads up.
  • I noticed you left your shopping cart. Can I help at all?
  • You forgot something. It happens to the best of us.
  • Get them for 15% off. Order today.
  • Are you sure there’s nothing left in your cart?
  • Just a minute. Your order is not complete.
  • This [item name] runs out of stock fast.
  • We found your forgotten item!
  • You left without saying good bye.
  • [Number] other people have booked this hotel this week.
  • Ooh good choice! We set [products] aside for you.
  • Going fast. Grab the treasures in your cart.
  • For whom did you want to buy these [product name]?
  • Leave something behind?
  • Psst. Is it me you’re looking for?
  • Your cart is having abandonment issues 🙁
  • Your [product name] is waiting for you.
  • You’re nearly there. Click to continue.
  • I’m right here. Right where you left me.
  • Still thinking it over? Free shipping and refund.
  • Your shopping bag misses you.
  • You forgot something unforgettable.
  • Good news. Your [product name]’s price dropped.
  • Heading out without checking out?
  • You seem to have been interrupted. Continue here.
  • Oops! Did you forget something?
  • Your cart misses you 🛒
  • Items in your cart are selling out fast!
  • Don’t leave me behind…
  • We saved your cart for you.
  • Last chance to grab what you’ve left!
  • You left some treasures in your cart.
  • Complete your purchase and enjoy a surprise!
  • 🎁 A special treat awaits if you complete your order.
  • Hey, come back and get 10% off!
  • We noticed you left something awesome.
  • Forgotten something? It’s not too late!
  • Is now a good time to complete your purchase?
  • Ready to make it yours?
  • Still thinking about it? We can help!
  • Secure your favorites before they’re gone.
  • Just a nudge – your cart is waiting.
  • A friendly reminder: your cart’s still here.
  • Quick! Items in your cart are in high demand.
  • Reserved for you: treasures in your cart.
  • Finish what you started and get a discount!
  • Complete your look with items in your cart.
  • Your shopping journey isn’t over yet.
  • Exclusive offer: get 15% off your cart today!
  • Your future favorites are in your cart.
  • Hurry, your cart items are flying off the shelves!
  • Don’t let your finds slip away!
  • Save now, smile later: complete your purchase.
  • Missing out? Your cart is still active.
  • Did life interrupt your checkout? We’ve got you.
  • Take another look at your chosen items.
  • Unlock a special deal with your cart.
  • Last call for the items in your cart.
  • Act fast! Your cart is expiring.
  • Your shopping spree isn’t over yet.
  • Tempted? It’s time to dive back in.
  • Your dream items are just a click away.
  • Friendly alert: Don’t miss out on your cart.
  • Don’t let your perfect picks go.
  • Special invite: Return to your cart today.
  • Flash offer: Discounts for your cart inside.
  • Unfinished business? Your cart awaits.
  • One more step and it’s all yours!
  • Cart alert! These won’t last long.
  • A little birdie told us you left something.
  • Still on your mind? It’s waiting for you.
  • We’ve got something you might like.
  • Snap up your cart items before they disappear.
  • Time’s ticking on your cart goodies.
  • You’ve got great taste! Don’t forget your cart.

Best Practices for Writing Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines

Writing an effective subject line for an abandoned cart email is crucial because it’s the first step in enticing a customer back to complete their purchase. Here are some best practices for writing abandoned cart email subject lines that can help increase your open rates and recover more sales:

Personalize It: Use the customer’s name or specific details about the abandoned items when possible. Personalization can significantly increase the open rates of emails. For example, “John, your cart is waiting!”

Create a Sense of Urgency: Encourage customers to act quickly by suggesting that the cart won’t be saved forever or that the items are in high demand. Phrases like “Hurry, your cart expires soon!” can be effective.

Offer Incentives: If you’re offering a discount, free shipping, or any other incentive to encourage a purchase, mention it in the subject line. For example, “Complete your purchase for 20% off!”

Be Clear and Direct: Sometimes, straightforward is best. A simple “You left something behind” can be surprisingly effective by being direct and to the point.

Invoke Curiosity: Make customers curious about what they’re missing out on by not completing their purchase. “Is your cart feeling lonely?” is a playful way to re-engage customers.

Highlight Exclusivity or Scarcity: If the items in the cart are exclusive or limited in stock, mention this. “Secure your exclusive items before they’re gone!” can motivate customers to act to avoid missing out.

Use Action Verbs: Starting your subject line with an action verb can make it more compelling and clickable. “Grab,” “Secure,” “Claim,” “Save,” are all good examples.

Keep It Short and Sweet: With many people reading emails on mobile, it’s important to keep subject lines concise so they’re fully visible. Aim for 50 characters or less.

Ask a Question: Questions can be a great way to engage someone’s curiosity and prompt them to open the email. “Did you forget something?” is a classic example.

Test and Optimize: Experiment with different subject lines to see what works best with your audience. A/B testing can provide insights into the preferences and behaviors of your customers.

Use Emojis Carefully: Emojis can make your email stand out in a crowded inbox, but use them judiciously. Make sure they are relevant to your message and brand, and don’t overdo it.

The goal of your abandoned cart email is not just to remind the customer of their unfinished purchase but to persuade them to complete it. Your subject line is your first and most critical tool for achieving this, so take the time to craft it carefully.

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