Recommendation Email Subject Line Examples that will Inspire you

What are Recommendation emails

Recommendation emails are sent based on a previous action a user has taken and ‘recommends’ something new. You’ve done / watched / read x – how about doing y next? The more personalized the recommendation, the better the email.

Recommendation Email Subject Line Examples that will Inspire you

In this article, we’ll go over some inspirational Recommendation Email Subject Lines to help you grab the attention of your audience.

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Recommendation email subject lines examples

Recommendation Email Subject Line examples

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  • 25 short films for you to watch.
  • Top 12 houses your neighbours love.
  • You finished [activity] What’s next?
  • These shoes are selling fast!
  • Discover what other professionals like you like to read.
  • 23 recipes you will love!
  • Plants that will cozy up your living room.
  • You are now friends with … Here’s what you can do next.
  • New music from artists you love.
  • Last summer’s top destinations.
  • Have you seen these 4 new home projects near you?
  • Never go hungry with these healthy and delicious snacks.
  • Back-to-school essentials.
  • You are going to love these summer picks.
  • Introducing the new winter Cookbook.
  • These lamps light up your room and evening.
  • This new game from Panic is just…
  • How to travel smarter.
  • Revisiting your favorites.
  • Why not rewatch these binch worth movies.
  • What you need for your trip to Spain.
  • Mother’s day is just 25 days from now.
  • Clean white teeth with these 3 wonder products.
  • Your baby is one year old. Congratulations.
  • Top books to read before your trip to Spain.
  • These tops go great with your new jeans.
  • [Name], You’re Going to Love This!
  • [Name], This is Just What You Need!
  • [Name], You’ve Got to Check This Out!
  • [Name], You’ll Thank Me Later!
  • [Name], I Found Something Amazing!
  • [Name], Don’t Miss Out on This!
  • [Name], You’re in for a Treat!
  • [Name], I’ve Got a Recommendation for You!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Want to See This!
  • [Name], Trust Me, You’ll Love This!
  • [Name], I Highly Recommend This!
  • [Name], You Can’t Afford to Miss This!
  • [Name], I Found Your Next Favorite Thing!
  • [Name], This Will Change Your Life!
  • [Name], You Need This in Your Life!
  • [Name], You’ll Be Glad You Checked This Out!
  • [Name], This is a Game-Changer!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Be Obsessed with This!
  • [Name], You Won’t Regret Trying This!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Love What I Found!
  • [Name], I’ve Got Something Special for You!
  • [Name], I Found the Perfect Thing for You!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Want to Share This!
  • [Name], You’re in for a Pleasant Surprise!
  • [Name], You Can’t Miss This Opportunity!
  • [Name], I’ve Got a Hidden Gem for You!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Be Impressed!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Want More of This!
  • [Name], I’ve Got the Solution to Your Problem!
  • [Name], This Will Make Your Life Easier!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Be Thrilled with This!
  • [Name], I Guarantee You’ll Love This!
  • [Name], This is Exactly What You’ve Been Looking for!
  • [Name], I Found Something You Can’t Resist!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Be Hooked!
  • [Name], This is Something You Can’t Afford to Miss!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Be Delighted!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Want to Tell Your Friends!
  • [Name], I’ve Got a Great Recommendation for You!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Want to Try This ASAP!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Be Amazed!
  • [Name], This is the Best Thing I’ve Found in a While!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Want to Come Back for More!
  • [Name], I Promise You Won’t Be Disappointed!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Be Impressed with This Find!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Want to Add This to Your Collection!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Love the Quality of This!
  • [Name], I Can’t Recommend This Enough!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Want to Use This Every Day!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Want to Take This Everywhere!
  • [Name], This is the Ultimate [Product/Service]!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Want to Make Room for This in Your Life!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Love the Results!
  • [Name], This is a Must-Have [Product/Service]!
  • [Name], You’re Going to Be Addicted to This!
  • Handpicked just for you, [Name]!
  • Based on your last purchase…
  • You might love these, [Name].
  • A perfect match for your taste?
  • We thought you’d enjoy these selections.
  • Recommendations inspired by your style.
  • [Name], meet your next favorite.
  • Curated picks based on your recent buys.
  • Discover more of what you love.
  • Complementary finds for your recent order.
  • Spotlight on what’s trending for you.
  • Your personalized shopping guide inside.
  • Exclusive recommendations for a VIP like you.
  • Our picks for your unique style.
  • Dive into your tailored recommendations.
  • Fans of [product] also loved these…
  • Matches made in shopping heaven.
  • Did you like [previous product]? Try these!
  • Explore: Favorites tailored for you.
  • Because you bought [product], we thought…
  • Unlock your curated collection.
  • Looking for more? Here’s what we found.
  • Your style, our picks.
  • Discoveries based on your favorites.
  • Inspired by your choices: New arrivals!
  • More of what makes you smile.
  • [Name], here’s what we’ve curated for you.
  • Fresh picks based on your wishlist.
  • If you liked that, you’ll love these…
  • Next on your must-have list?
  • Personalized finds you won’t resist.
  • Top-rated products for fans of [product].
  • Tailored treasures waiting for you.
  • Because we noticed you loved [product]…
  • Explore: Curated picks just a click away.
  • A perfect extension to your last purchase.
  • We thought of you when we saw these.
  • Our algorithm picked these for you!
  • We see a pattern! More of your faves inside.
  • Dive into your personalized style feed.
  • Complements to your recent finds.
  • Spotlight on: tailored recommendations.
  • More goodies we think you’ll adore.
  • Tailored treats for [Name].
  • Because your style is unique: Our picks.
  • Discover more in your style genre.
  • Your style journey continues here.
  • Recommendations to light up your day.
  • [Name], check out what we’ve lined up for you.
  • A new set of favorites, curated for you.

Best Practices for Writing Recommendation Email Subject Lines

Writing effective subject lines for recommendation emails is essential to ensure that your suggestions are noticed and acted upon. Whether you’re recommending products, content, or actions, the subject line is your first opportunity to engage the recipient. Here are some best practices to consider when writing recommendation email subject lines:

Personalize It: Incorporating the recipient’s name or specific interests can significantly increase the open rate. Personalization makes the email feel more tailored and relevant. For example, “John, you’ll love these new reads!”

Highlight the Benefit: Clearly articulate the value or benefit the recipient will gain from your recommendation. People are more inclined to engage when they understand what’s in it for them. “Boost your productivity with these tools.”

Create Curiosity or Intrigue: A subject line that piques curiosity can motivate recipients to open the email. However, make sure that your email content delivers on the subject line’s promise. “The secret tool top marketers are using.”

Use Actionable Language: Starting the subject line with an action verb can make your recommendation feel more urgent and compelling. “Try the new feature that simplifies your workflow.”

Specify the Content Type: If you’re recommending content, indicating the format (e.g., eBook, webinar, blog post) can set the right expectations. “Discover our latest eBook on industry trends.”

Mention Exclusivity or Scarcity: Indicating that a recommendation is exclusive or available for a limited time can create a sense of urgency. “Exclusive offer: personalized advice just for you.”

Keep It Short and Sweet: With many recipients reading emails on mobile devices, it’s crucial to keep subject lines concise to ensure they’re fully visible. Aim for 50 characters or less.

Leverage Numbers and Lists: Using numbers can make the subject line more specific and enticing, especially if you’re recommending a list of items or tips. “5 must-have tools for your business.”

Avoid Using Spammy Words: Words like “free,” “guarantee,” or “no risk” can trigger spam filters or deter recipients. Keep the language straightforward and trustworthy.

Test and Optimize: A/B testing different subject lines can help you understand what resonates best with your audience, allowing you to refine your approach over time.

Incorporate Social Proof: If possible, include social proof in your subject line to increase credibility. “See why 10,000+ customers love our solution.”

Use Emojis Wisely: Emojis can make your email stand out in a crowded inbox when used appropriately. Choose emojis that complement your message and are likely to appeal to your target audience.

By following these best practices, you can create compelling recommendation email subject lines that capture attention, encourage opens, and drive engagement. Remember, the goal is to make your recommendations as relevant and appealing as possible to the recipient.

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