5 Ways Generative AI is Helping Build Marketing Campaigns

Artificial intelligence is not a novelty in marketing; it’s been used for data analysis, customer segmentation, and predictive modeling. But as we all know, technology continues to rewrite the rules in every industry. The emergence of generative AI in particular, has catalyzed a new refreshing approach to shaping marketing strategies and campaigns.

For the uninitiated, our Marketing Copy Generators are examples of generative AI. It’s an advanced form of AI that’s capable of producing original content, ideas, and designs, based on the datasets it’s been programmed with.

Tools powered by generative AI are becoming increasingly relevant in an age where personalization is key and content is king. Let’s explore the different ways generative AI has been instrumental in marketing.

1. Strengthening Creative Ideas

Strengthening Creative Ideas Ways Generative AI is Helping Build Marketing Campaigns

Since generative AI can learn from vast troves of data, it can spark creative ideas that might have been difficult to execute without said technology.

Take Nike’s AI campaign featuring Serena Williams, for example. The “Never Stop Evolving” campaign featured a video of two AI-generated versions of the famous athlete, one from early in her career and another in a later period, playing against each other.

The campaign is a perfect example of how generative AI can be used to weave a narrative that’s unique, impactful, and visually captivating. It even won an award for technical achievement at the Webby Awards.

2. Enhancing Personalization

Campaigns featuring generic content hardly evoke customer response. The modern consumer expects personal, relevant content that speaks directly to them. Generative AI enables marketers to move beyond broad segmentation and offer personalized experiences at a granular level.

Spotify recently came out with an AI DJ, a feature within the platform that allows listeners to discover new music based on the tracks they already like. In contrast to Spotify’s similar feature “Discover Weekly”, this AI DJ uses a combination of personalization tech, generative AI, and AI voice to create a customized and authentic music experience for each user.

3. Speeding Up Content Production

Speeding Up Content Production Ways Generative AI is Helping Build Marketing Campaigns

With the help of generative AI, marketers are now able to create content faster and more efficiently. For instance, say you have a newly posted blog and would like to promote it on different social media channels, but you simply do not have the time to write customized captions for each post. That’s where generative AI comes in.

StoryLab’s own Social Media Caption Generator can create several different captions based on the article’s title and content. Simply paste a section of the blog onto the generator and you’ll get served 25 captions within seconds.

4. Improving Customer Service

Whether online or offline, good customer service is a critical component of any successful marketing strategy. Generative AI plays a crucial role here in improving customer interactions and resolving queries quickly.

Restaurant chain Wendy’s takes this a step further with its introduction of FreshAI, an AI chatbot that can handle drive-thru orders. According to them, the technology is meant to improve the speed and accuracy of such orders, while leaving more room for the crew members to focus on preparing food.

Thanks to positive results during its pilot, Wendy’s plans to offer the technology to its franchisees within the year. This will be a game-changer in customer experience, as it has the potential to reduce wait times and errors.

5. Facilitating Seamless Collaboration

Generative AI can also play a significant role in enabling seamless collaboration between different systems and applications, making it easier for marketers to carry out their campaigns.

Adobe’s Content Aware Fill feature is a notable example. Leveraging generative AI, it automatically resizes and adjusts images to fit into a range of differently sized placeholders without losing the focus of the image. This greatly eases the process of creating visuals for multiple platforms, something that is vital in contemporary marketing.

Ethical Considerations

While highly beneficial, the use of generative AI in marketing campaigns requires ethical considerations. A guide to generative AI on MongoDB cites issues like bias, consumer trust, and disinformation that should be carefully navigated.

It’s essential that marketers obtain consent for data collection and use and offer transparency about how AI is used in marketing campaigns. This fosters trust and strengthens relationships with users.

Whether it’s reigniting creativity, personalizing user experiences, speeding up content production, improving customer service, or facilitating collaboration, generative AI offers exciting possibilities for marketing professionals.

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