How To Write The Best PPC Ads Copy [Best Practices]

Increase your PPC ROI with better ad copy

Creating PPC ad copy is fun!

You get to crawl into the brain of your target audience and think about their problems and pains and most importantly, how you can help solve them.

1. Write PPC ad copy with your audience in mind

So let’s start with that.

Writing great PPC ads revolves all around understanding your audience and writing ad copy for them.

Way too often PPC marketers or copywriters think about their product or service first and why it’s o so great instead of thinking about their target group and what problems they are trying to solves or what kind of ‘Jobs they have to get done‘.

Have you talked to the actual people? Have you sent out questionnaires? Do you have data to base your assumptions on?

If you don’t have a great understanding of your audience yet, check out our Content Marketing Strategy framework. These 8 questions guides you through understanding your audience’s needs better.

2. Match searcher’s keywords in your ad copy and landing page

To make the searcher’s experience as smooth as possible, make it clear that what they search for matches the search result (your ad) and after they click your ad, comfort them that they landed at the right place by adding the keyword on the landing page.

Check out our red apple example.

  • Person searches for red apple;
  • Sees the words red apple in your ad;
  • Sees the words red apple on the landing page.
write ppc ad copy use keywords in ads and landing page

Oh yeah. Google also rewards you with better quality scores when the searcher’s keywords match the ad copy and landing page copy.

3. Always add a Call to Action (CTA)

This PPC copywriting tip goes into getting people to click on your ad.

In the previous tip you showed them that you have something they want. They can scan the search results and see that there are a couple of people that actually have what she wants, so what makes you so special? Why should she click your ad?

The better you understand your audience, the easier it is to figure out what they really want. So be sure not to skip tip number 1 😉

Let’s say your call to action is:

‘Buy now. up to 50% off’

Be sure you don’t just include it in your ad copy but also on your landing page.

If you promise people up to 50% off in your ad, you need to match that expectation with your landing page copy.

4. What makes you unique?

I understand that you don’t have a lot of space in your PPC ads but whenever possible, add a bit of storytelling in your ad. Let people know what makes you unique and why they should choose you.

There’s nothing worse than searching for something and seeing only boring descriptive ads without any value added.

5. Use power words

Sometimes short words can help a lot to stand out. They’re called power words. We’ve written an article about how to use power words ethically.

Check it out if you haven’t yet.

6. Use PPC Ad Copy Generators and experiment with different ad copy

The truth is; you don’t know how well your ad copy is going to perform. You can follow all best practices, but at the end of the day, the searcher decides what they love and the best way to find out is to experiment with different ad copies.

Here’s where we come in.

Writing multiple variations for your PPC ad copy can be very mentally exhausting.

There are just so many copy variations you can come up with before hitting a creativity wall.

To help marketers like you out, we created

Simply enter your existing ad copy in our Google Ad Headline Generator or our Google Ad Description Generator and let our AI inspire you with different copy variations.

Then, re-write the bits and pieces and set up your ad experiments.

Here’s our it looks like!

ppc ad copy generator ai

Which brings me to the last tip.

7. Short ad copy checklist before publishing your ad

Before hitting the publish button, always check if your ad copy is actually valuable by answering these simple questions:

  • Is the ad copy clear?
  • Is it something I would click on?
  • Does it offer value or is it just descriptive?
  • Does this ad make sense or is it just a bunch of keywords?
  • Is there a clear CTA?
  • Does the landing page answer the promise set in the ad copy?
  • Does the landing page match the keyword used in the ad copy?

Be sure to give our Ad Copy Generator a try! 

ppc ad copy checklist

Make use of our other AI Marketing Copy Generators for free

Just wanted to let you know that next to our PPC Ad Copy Generators, we also have other Copywriting Generators that can help you improve your marketing copy and we also wanted to let you know that we have a Growth Storytelling Framework which you can access for free without an email signup.

Facebook Ad Copy Generator

Let’s also take a moment and zoom into our Facebook Ad Copy Generator. If you’re working on Google, Bing and other PPC ads, you might also work on Facebook ads. We just wanted to let you know that we also have a dedicated tool to help you in this area. Check out our Facebook Ad Copy Generator.

Happy writing!

Author bio:

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