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Marketing Instagram Posts Examples

Let’s kick it off with some cool Instagram posts examples from Marketing Insta accounts.

One would almost say that they should know what they’re doing 😉

Instagram post example - Marketing - Semrush

“You know that feeling when you enter a website and nothing looks appealing or makes sense to you? Why even bother to stay 😩? It’s all about the user interface. A good user interface creates fewer problems, increases user involvement & creates a strong link between your customers and your website 🔗

In case you haven’t noticed, we did a restyling of our tools (swipe to the last slide to see an example) and wanted to highlight how you too can improve your user interface! 👉

Oh, and just remember; user interface and user experience are not the same! UI refers to the aesthetic elements by which people interact with a product. UX is about the experience a user has with a product.

Check out our new UI and let us know how you like it 🤗”

Instagram post example - Marketing - Hubspot

“Yes, you read that right. According to our blog team’s research, more than half of Instagram marketers find the platform’s Shopping feature valuable enough to be the sole platform to launch products on.

Are you using Instagram to launch new products?”

Instagram post example - Marketing - Mailchimp
“If you ever played a game on your graphing calculator, then you know the delight of setting homework aside for a quick break. Give yourself a little change of perspective (as, say, a dumpling wrangler or a bodega cat) with one of our games made especially for you. Link in bio.”

Influencers Instagram Posts Examples

Now let’s check out some Insta posts from some Social Media Influencers.

Instagram post example - Influencers - Gary Vee
“Too many hold back and don’t go for what they want .. let this post be a sign that this is the moment to finally go for it .. please my friend – jump!”
Instagram post example - Influencers - Kim Kardashian
“Happy Birthday to my number #1 ride or die @khloekardashian
I feel so blessed to be your sister and call you my best friend! No one in this planet deserves the happiness and blessings that are coming your way. Every single person that is blessed to be close to you is a better person because of you. I am so proud of your heart and how genuine you are. You are always true to yourself and always want what’s best for others! Your heart is so pure that I can feel all of the best energy coming your way. I love you so much and couldn’t get through this life without you”
Instagram post example - Influencers - Mr Beast
“These guys convinced me to climb a mountain and if it looks like I’m dying, it’s because I am”

Celebrity Instagram Posts Examples

Alright, alright. Let’s continue our list of Insta post examples from some celebrities.

Instagram post example - Celebrities - Ariana Grande

“we did it joe
@nbcthevoice congratulations to all of the brilliant voice family on an incredible season. thank you so sincerely for having me. this was such an incredibly cherished experience. every human that works so incredibly hard (quite literally nonstop) on this show has a permanent place in my heart. what an extraordinary, talented and kind crew and what a special, happy, deeply fulfilling experience. thank you xa million for having me. love you always. team ariana for life and whatever comes after. 🦌🦌🦌🦌”

Instagram post example - Celebrities - Eminem

“@minions got my back. Shout out to Gru and them…

Instagram post example - Celebrities - Rihanna

“PEACH PLEASE! 🍑🙌🏾 Our #GLOSSBOMBCREAM in the shade #PEACHPOUT from our limited-edition #RESTINGPEACHFACE set just went solo dolo AND FULL-SIZE just in time for summmaaa! 🧡

Packed with nourishin vitamin A, this formula is a pure pigment with no shimmer, 🙅🏾‍♀️ and delivers a voluminous-lookin peachy pout with incredible shine. ✨

Available NOW at fentybeauty.com!

Fitness Instagram Posts Examples

Let’s finish this list off with some Fitness Instagram Post Examples. Check them out!

Instagram post example - Fitness - Emily Skye

This is one of the exercises from my FIT Program – I have a 7 day FREE trial in my bio! 👆🏼⁣

This is an exercise I see performed incorrectly almost daily, so I thought I’d break it down in a tutorial video & maybe it helps some if you. ☺️⁣

This is completely safe to do post pregnancy too! 🥰 ⁣

I want to mention that while the glute kickback is great for firing the glutes & it’s also great for beginners & postnatal women, if your goal is to build your glutes, don’t rely on the kickback to do it.⁣
Make sure you’re incorporating exercises like: hip thrusts, bridges, lunges, deadlifts, squats, steps ups & good mornings. And make sure you use a weight that is challenging, but you’re still able to perform good technique. The last few reps should be almost impossible to lift. – Getting REALLY uncomfortable is the goal & that’s when you’ll be more likely to see & feel changes!! 🙌🏼😉”

Instagram post example - Fitness - AthleanX

“Next time you do a push-up…stop and realize that you’re essentially doing an upside down bench press! What’s that mean? That the mechanics of the press are essentially the same. And when it comes to the bench press, the path of the bar is NOT a straight line but rather an arced one that goes from low on the chest to high at the top. The push up has a similar body path! Get it right by letting your toes guide your body during the rep. Watch it in action here and then implement it into your next set of push-ups. Let the gains begin!”

Instagram post example - Fitness - Simeon Panda

“When pressed for time, supersets allow you to get more work done in a shorter period of time 👌🏾

Rally life is pretty fast paced, and that’s not just the driving 😅, even though the @longtailrally is pretty chill, there are some tight time schedules to keep to, however I always get my workout done in the morning before we set off.

Here are some of the benefits of supersets:

1. They help you maximise your time at the gym
2. They increase your muscular endurance
3. Less rest time means your heart gets more of a work out

I want to help you train!
Visit my YouTube Channel:
Plenty of FREE home routines 👊🏾”

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How to Create Great Instagram Posts

Are you looking to elevate your Instagram game? Creating captivating Instagram posts is not just about sharing moments; it’s about telling stories that resonate with your audience. Whether you’re a brand, influencer, or someone passionate about sharing your journey, understanding the art of Instagram posting can significantly enhance your social media presence. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating Instagram posts that not only engage but also inspire your followers.

Understand Your Audience

Before you post, know who you’re talking to. Dive into your Instagram Insights to learn about your audience’s demographics, interests, and when they’re most active. Tailoring your content to your audience’s preferences can increase engagement rates and build a loyal following.

Focus on High-Quality Visuals

Instagram is a visually driven platform. Ensure your photos and videos are of high quality, with good lighting and clarity. Experiment with different angles and compositions to make your posts stand out. Remember, the first impression matters, so make it count.

Craft Compelling Captions

Your caption is a powerful tool to complement your visuals. It can evoke emotions, tell a story, or provoke thought. Keep your captions authentic and relatable. Don’t shy away from using emojis to add personality and consider including relevant hashtags to enhance discoverability.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags extend your reach beyond your immediate followers. Research and use relevant hashtags related to your post or niche. Avoid overly saturated hashtags, as your post might get lost. A mix of niche-specific and popular hashtags can help maximize your post’s visibility.

Engage with Your Audience

Engagement is a two-way street. Respond to comments on your posts and engage with other users’ content. This not only boosts your post’s visibility due to Instagram’s algorithm but also helps in building a community around your brand or profile.

Optimize Your Posting Time

Timing is crucial on Instagram. Use insights to find out when your audience is most active and schedule your posts accordingly. Posting during peak hours can lead to higher engagement rates, as more people are likely to see and interact with your content.

Leverage Instagram Stories and Features

Don’t limit yourself to just feed posts. Instagram Stories, Reels, and IGTV offer creative ways to share your content. These features can help you connect with your audience in a more personal and engaging manner.

Monitor Performance and Adapt

Regularly check your Instagram Insights to see what works and what doesn’t. Pay attention to posts that receive high engagement and try to understand why they performed well. Use these insights to refine your strategy and content approach.

Creating great Instagram posts is about blending creativity with strategy. By understanding your audience, focusing on quality visuals, crafting engaging captions, and strategically using hashtags and features, you can significantly improve your Instagram presence. Remember, consistency is key, and engaging with your community will foster a deeper connection with your audience. Start implementing these tips today, and watch your Instagram account flourish.

By implementing these strategies, you’re well on your way to mastering the art of Instagram posting. It’s about continuous learning and adapting to new trends and platform updates. Stay creative, stay authentic, and most importantly, have fun with it!

Setting up your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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