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Are you running a Nonprofit, NGO, Charity, Social Enterprise and looking to create more and better content on Instagram? We’re here to help inspire you.

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Nonprofits are in a unique position where they can leverage their own content, that of volunteers, and people / animals you have impacted. After you’ve gathered all your visuals, and have a clear idea, be sure to check out our Instagram Caption Generator for coming up with awesome Instagram captions in seconds. Simply describe what the post is about and the AI will create captions for you. Then, add your unique human touch, perfect them and you’re good to go!

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Nonprofit Instagram Post Examples

Nonprofit Instagram Post Examples - Charity Water

Fungai was the first person in Peter Village to build a toilet. At first, only a few families followed her example. But that soon changed. Today, thanks to our local partner WHH and Fungai’s efforts as the community health club leader, all 49 households have their own toilets.

The best news? What started here is expanding every day. After being inspired by Fungai and the changes they’ve seen in Peter Village, surrounding communities are now building their own toilets and adopting healthy habits.

It’s a huge step forward in minimizing contamination and maximizing health. Because when paired with access to clean water and good hygiene, toilets protect the health of entire communities. This is the transformation you empower when you give clean water!

This holiday season, you can help bring clean water to 40,000 more people, transform the future for more families, and equip more inspiring local leaders like Fungai. As always, @100percentfundscleanwater. Learn more at https://cwtr.org/3gYb2r9 (link in bio)

Nonprofit Instagram Post Examples - Unicef

On #WorldChildrensDay, repeat after us: children have a right to live free from discrimination.

Let’s work together to build an equal, fair world #ForEveryChild.

Nonprofit Instagram Post Examples - MoMa

An epic narrative unfolds across Umar Rashid’s (@frohawktwofeathers) paintings, colliding real and fictional empires. Figures move between works, battles rage, winners capture their spoils, losers retreat, and the saga pushes forth.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing a #StorySpotlight that unspools the sojourn depicted in Umar’s exhibition at MoMA PS1, the final chapters of his ongoing series, “Ancien Regime Change.” In this painting, we join our weary comrades in the late 18th century, just as the fictitious Frenglish Empire (a French + English mashup) has defeated the Dutch in their quest for domination of Novum Eboracum (New York). Despite the Frenglish victory, fighting still continues within the rebel faction, made up of Indigenous tribes, formerly enslaved people, and mercenaries dressed in black. Many rebels resort to suicide attacks in order to cause dismay among the Frenglish occupiers, dressed in blue.

Umar writes:
“Though most were unsuccessful, they were nonetheless psychologically intimidating to the occupiers, and strangely beautiful.”

What lies ahead for the rebel factions? Tune in next time to see the next installment, or plan your visit at the link in bio to see the full story unfold for yourself!

🖼️: Umar Rashid, “The lovers, knowing they would not survive and could not surrender, solicited the sun to rise twice. And thus, a great many of the enemy’s hosts were vanquished. Or, I’m going out blasting. Taking my enemies with me.” 2022.

Nonprofit Instagram Post Examples - New York Public Library

📖 It’s #GivingTuesday!

Thanks to an anonymous donor, all contributions toward the Library’s Giving Tuesday goal will be matched, dollar-for-dollar.

Visit the link in our bio to make your gift now–while it has 2x the power.

Nonprofit Instagram Post Examples - Humane Society

Your impact = TRIPLED‼️ ⁠

Right now, the impact of your first monthly donation can go 3x as far for animals in need through our 3X Challenge Fund. Can we count on you?⁠

Become a member and join the #FightForALLAnimals TODAY using the link in our bio. 💙

Nonprofit Instagram Post Examples - The Ocean Cleanup

Our (new) record single plastic catch with System 002 extracted on October 24th. The ocean is now another 10,755 kg of plastic cleaner. 🌊

Nonprofit Instagram Post Examples - Keep a Breast

We hope all is merry and bright for you this time of year! With all the holiday craziness don’t forget to take time out of your day to care for you by doing an easy and quick self-check using our FREE Keep A Breast App! Download it via our #linkinbio 📲

Photographer: @jenegrl
Model: @eri.kat.rose

Nonprofit Instagram Post Examples - Pencils of Promise

This giving season, we’re reflecting on all the work we’ve done to make quality education accessible for children in need…and we could not have done any of it without your support. THANK YOU!

Help us celebrate our accomplishments by dropping a 🎉 below.

Nonprofit Instagram Post Examples - Girls Who Code

We are just TWO weeks away from our College Loops Fund deadline, October 17th! 🎃🍂

But what is the College Loops Fund? It’s a chance to request $250 in support of your Loop activities this semester! Want snacks for your meetings? Transit for conferences? Or a trip to an Apple Orchard, like our UVA Loop?

Head to the link in our bio to learn more!

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How Nonprofits Can Create Great Instagram Posts

For nonprofit organizations, Instagram offers a powerful platform to share their story, rally support, and mobilize a community around their cause. With its visually-driven format, Instagram can help nonprofits connect with followers on an emotional level, inspiring action and fostering engagement. However, standing out in a crowded social media landscape requires strategy, creativity, and a keen understanding of what resonates with audiences. Here’s how nonprofits can craft Instagram posts that not only highlight their mission but also engage and inspire their community.

Tell Your Story with Authenticity

At the heart of every nonprofit is a story. Use Instagram to share the real, human stories behind your work. This could be the journey of individuals you’ve helped, volunteer highlights, or the impact of your projects. Authentic storytelling fosters a deeper connection with your audience, making your mission relatable and compelling.

Utilize High-Quality Visuals

Visuals are crucial on Instagram. Use high-quality photos and videos to capture the essence of your work. Before and after shots, impactful moments from events, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into your projects can all help illustrate your nonprofit’s impact. Remember, compelling visuals can evoke emotions and drive engagement.

Engage with Interactive Content

Interactive content like polls, quizzes, and questions in your Instagram Stories can be a great way to engage your audience. Not only does this foster a two-way conversation, but it also provides valuable insights into your followers’ interests and opinions, helping you tailor your content strategy.

Highlight Success Stories and Milestones

Celebrate your successes and milestones with your Instagram community. Sharing stories of achievement, whether it’s the number of people you’ve helped or the completion of a project, can inspire and motivate your followers. It’s a way to show the tangible impact of their support, encouraging further engagement and donations.

Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags increase the visibility of your posts to a broader audience. Use a mix of general hashtags (#NonProfit, #Charity) and those specific to your cause (#EndHunger, #ClimateAction). Research trending and relevant hashtags to ensure your posts reach those interested in your mission.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Encourage your followers, volunteers, and those you’ve helped to share their stories and experiences related to your nonprofit. Reposting this user-generated content adds authenticity to your profile and shows the broader impact of your work from multiple perspectives.

Offer Ways to Get Involved

Use your Instagram posts to provide clear calls-to-action. Whether you’re promoting a fundraising event, encouraging volunteer sign-ups, or sharing ways to donate, make it easy for your followers to understand how they can support your cause. Direct links in your bio or swipe-up features in Stories can direct traffic to your website or donation page.

Share Educational Content

Position your nonprofit as a thought leader in your field by sharing informative content related to your cause. This can be through infographics, short videos, or carousel posts that educate your audience about the issues you’re tackling. Educating your followers not only raises awareness but also empowers them to advocate for your cause.

Nonprofits have a unique opportunity to use Instagram as a platform for storytelling, community building, and advocacy. By leveraging the power of authentic storytelling, high-quality visuals, and strategic engagement, nonprofits can create a compelling Instagram presence that not only highlights their mission but also inspires action. Remember, the goal is to not just attract followers, but to build a community that is actively engaged and committed to your cause. With creativity, authenticity, and a clear strategy, your nonprofit can harness the power of Instagram to amplify your impact and bring about real change.

Setting up your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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