5 Ways to Grow Your Email List Through Twitter in 2024

Twitter and Email Marketing Working Together

Email marketing was, and still is, one of the most effective ways to engage your audience and promote your business organically. And this means having interested subscribers view your product and services.

Of course, creating an email list full of interested subscribers who are here for the long run can be a real feat. This is why most marketers try to turn their social media following into valuable leads for their email lists.

With the help of AI and Twitter Caption Generators, it’s easier than ever before to create great Tweets and grow your following and leads.

In this article

Grow Your Email List Through Twitter - ROI Marketing Activities

Social media platforms are fantastic for marketers just starting or wanting to expand their reach. By leveraging social media, you can connect with your audience, build relationships, and create buzz around your brand. This buzz is what can get you valuable leads that turn into customers.

In this article, we will focus on how to turn your Twitter followers into valuable email list subscribers.

Why Twitter?

Twitter’s nature provides some benefits other social media platforms simply don’t.

Seven in ten users get their news from Twitter, as the research below shows:

Grow Your Email List Through Twitter - People getting news from Twitter

This means that users go to Twitter to find trending news and updates instantly, especially since it’s the go-to platform for small forms of digestible content. And, as you understand, news and updates are everywhere – your niche included.

Twitter is a free platform that can provide opportunities for viral content and helpful banter. It also offers excellent chances at connectivity between brands, influencers, and your target audience.

Another benefit of Twitter is that it saves time and effort on the users’ part. Tweets are small, and the information they provide is not spread out too thinly. On the contrary, they’re grouped up through hashtags, saving time and effort both on the brand’s and the user’s side.

As all marketers know, smaller content forms are more likely to get viral. A viral meme, a phrase, or a small video can all be parts of your marketing plan and work their way into your email content.

That way, your audience will recognize your brand’s tone in multiple channels. But let’s see how you’re going to entice them to subscribe first.

Use Pinned Tweets to Lead to a Landing Page

By now, all of us know what a pinned tweet looks like. If you don’t, fret not. It’s kind of like:

Grow Your Email List Through Twitter - Pin Tweets

A pinned tweet is having information about your brand on a permanent display right where your users can see them – which is right on top of your Twitter page.

This makes them a fantastic way to build your list. Just create a tweet with a standard offer or benefit. Make sure you know how to create a landing page that will be linked to this pinned tweet. And then see the leads coming.

This is a fantastic way to showcase your unique offer, benefit, or simply the opportunity for users who visit your Twitter page to sign up for your newsletter. It’s more beneficial than retweeting the same post, which can look awkward.

And, of course, it allows your content team – or yourself, if you’re a solopreneur – to develop more creative ideas that can entice new audience members or nudge existing ones in the right direction.

Pro Tip: Check your data and determine your best-performing content. It can be anything from video content to blog posts or old tweets. Make sure to repurpose those for maximum engagement.

Come Up With a Freebie

Your Twitter audience will need a reason to sign up for your email list, and using an incentive is the best way to entice them.

A freebie could be anything, depending on your niche. eCommerce stores prefer discount codes, whereas SaaS businesses opt for white papers or dedicated infographics that can help users promote their growth.

Offering a freebie on Twitter like so:

Grow Your Email List Through Twitter - Offer a Freebie

Clicking on the dedicated link redirects users here:

Grow Your Email List Through Twitter - Freebie landing page

The reasons why tweets that feature a freebie are so popular are multiple.

  • Freebies build trust. Free and useful content is a fantastic way to target your audience and build trust and credibility. If your free content is valuable, your product will bring users to the stage they want.
  • You can target your audience better. A well-designed infographic can bring about valuable insights to your target audience. And this means you can target leads better by appealing to those on your list in the long run.
  • You give some to get some. Audiences won’t give up their data freely in 2023. On the contrary, users are pretty protective of their identities. They need to see some real value on your side, and their data are valuable to you and your growth. Getting something in return will showcase the value you can provide for them.
  • You generate warm, interested leads. Freebies won’t appeal to everyone on your Twitter follower list, and that’s okay. But they will target the segments of your audience that could be potential customers.

Once your freebie is up and running and your landing page is optimized, remember to mention it in your pinned tweet. You can also create a small CTA copy in your bio that could nudge users in the right direction.

A great offer and an optimized landing page will help boost your efforts significantly and allow you to reach just the audience you need.

Create Content With Viral Potential

Video content, smart memes, or catchy phrases can all go viral. And with Twitter’s short-form content, users are more likely to notice your tweets. Spend a little of your time to get more followers and curate your content in a way that will help you go viral.

Twitter is a platform where brands can write like their users – and vice versa. Just look at this:

Grow Your Email List Through Twitter - Create Catchy Viral Content

Don’t be afraid to create content that asks questions and stirs conversation. This is one of the big appeals of Twitter, after all. And in 2023, brands acting more like users can really engage audiences.

Using viral content will also help you build your Twitter following and convert this following to interested email subscribers. Entertaining videos, a meme inspired straight by your latest blog post, or a clever hashtag will improve visibility and engagement.

Responding to comments, retweeting clever answers, and answering your DMs will also help you build a relationship with your followers and lead them gently down their customer journey and through the sales funnel.

Giving users your time of day and engaging with them can also make them understand how valuable their input is regarding your brand and content. This will help them understand that this element will be evident in your email newsletters as well down the line.

A clever one-liner from your latest viral tweet can become your next CTA, creating a unanimous brand tone and allowing users to be better acquainted with your brand. “Sign up for our email list to get more tips like this!”, or “Don’t miss out on more puns – Subscribe to our newsletter” can engage and entice new users.

Viral content can have fantastic potential, especially if you keep some of that hidden behind a signup form or a landing page. Create a clever how-to video and urge users to retweet it for some incentive. Don’t forget to mention that this type of content also exists in your email newsletters.

This is a great way to have your audience reach their social circle with your tweet and product. But before you utilize these steps, keep in mind that viral content can quickly become boring, and what is viral to some is not something unique to others.

Be sure to combine quality with virality and always be on-brand.

Partner up With Twitter Influencers

This is a great way to build a follower list that will, eventually, become your subscribers’ list. Respond to influencers in your niche, tag them and ask for their opinion, or host a Twitter chat that will feature one of your audience’s favorites.

Super Pro Tip: Create a poll or a survey and have your audience decide the influencer they’d love you to partner up with in the dedicated Twitter chat. Urge them to sign up for your email newsletter for more news and updates and to keep up with what was or will be said.

Bonus resource: Create Meaningful Questions with an AI Survey Question Generator.

But now the question stands: How will you get them to respond? The answer is quite simple. You can tag them in one of your posts, ask for their opinion, or break down one of their core business tactics and offer your feedback.

Of course, before you do any of that, you ought to understand the way these influencers interact with their audience – and your audience, by extension. Check who they’re following and how they’re responding to tweets that feature them. Curate content they’ll surely interact with and promote to their social circle.

Make Great Use of Hashtags

As mentioned in the beginning, Twitter hashtags are a way to break information into more digestible segments and allow users to search for what they need.

Grow Your Email List Through Twitter - Use Twitter Hashtags

As you can see in the image, there’s a “Trending Hashtag” indicator that you can use to boost engagement and increase your following list and your subscribers down the line.

Your first step would be to research hashtags that are relevant to your niche. It would be best if you were where your audience is, and proper research will ensure you get that. 

Use the right tools and manage your data in a way that will help you understand what the right hashtags are and how your prospects use them. And since you want to meet users where they are, ensure you understand that users can use a popular hashtag in many ways.

Understand those ways and create content accordingly.

Another great hashtag strategy is the one of a branded hashtag. Use one that is unique to your brand. It could be your brand’s name or a clever tagline like Nike’s #justdoit.

Branded hashtags can follow your brand across social media, your landing page, and your website. This kind of recognition will increase your website’s traffic and overall engagement.

Also, you can urge users to share your content with their social circle. This will create some much-needed buzz around your name. Also, interacting with your users and turning them into brand ambassadors can help you grow through referral marketing and will show that you’re a brand that cares about users.

And a caring brand with exciting content and killer offers is one that earns a lot of subscribers:

Grow Your Email List Through Twitter - Why Subscribe to Newsletter

Also, don’t forget to track your results and adjust your hashtag strategy accordingly.

Use Your Strategy in Reverse

I’m sure you’ll wonder what this even means. In layman’s terms, it’s a pretty lucrative way to have existing subscribers entice new audiences and get your email list going.

You can create clever tweets and have users retweet them, link your landing page, blog, and website wherever possible, and create tweetable content in your newsletters and signup page.

Use a catchy phrase to the CTA of your signup page or a catchy subject line that users won’t hesitate to share on Twitter. Urge them to share it, even. If it’s on your signup page or your website, you can use a dedicated tool that transforms quotes into tweets with just one click.

Having existing subscribers create UGC from your newsletter and pass it on to their Twitter followers is a really effective way to create bonds and engagement and have users introduce your brand to their social circle. This will make users commit to your brand and remain consistent with the dialogue your email opens, mainly because your content is interesting enough to boost their engagement as well.

And as for your brand, you’ll have new subscribers who will be already interested since they took the recommendation of someone close to them.

The Takeaway

Before we close this article, I’d like to mention how Twitter ads and retargeting ads could also boost your Twitter followers and your email list in the long run.

Running Twitter ads can promote your lead magnet and target users who fall under your customer persona profile. On the other hand, retargeting website visitors can give users who have already visited your website a clear reason why signing up for your newsletter would be the right choice.

Regardless of your method, never forget to analyze your data, track your results, and create Twitter content that will prove valuable and enticing.


How Can Twitter Help Grow an Email List?
By promoting sign-up links and offering incentives for joining your email list.

What Role Do Twitter Bio Links Play?
Including a sign-up link in your bio can direct followers to your email list.

Can Twitter Polls be Used to Increase Email Subscriptions?
Yes, use polls to engage followers and direct them to your email list.

How Effective are Pinned Tweets for Email List Growth?
Pinned tweets are highly visible and can effectively promote email sign-ups.

Should You Offer Incentives for Email Sign-ups on Twitter?
Incentives like free ebooks or webinars can encourage sign-ups.

How Can Hashtags Increase Email List Visibility?
Relevant hashtags can extend your reach beyond your followers.

Can Twitter Chats Be Utilized to Grow Email Lists?
Yes, by engaging in chats and directing participants to your sign-up page.

Is It Effective to Direct Message Followers About Email Lists?
It can be, if done sparingly and not in a spammy manner.

How Often Should You Promote Your Email List on Twitter?
Regularly, but balance it with engaging, non-promotional content.

Can Twitter Ads be Used to Grow Email Lists?
Yes, targeted ads can reach a broader audience interested in your content.

How Can Twitter Analytics Improve Email List Growth?
Use analytics to understand what content resonates with your audience, and tailor your email sign-up promotions accordingly.

Can Collaborating with Influencers Expand Email Lists?
Yes, influencers can promote your email list to a broader audience.

Should You Use Twitter Moments to Promote Email Sign-Ups?
Moments can be used to showcase stories or content linked to your email list.

How Does Regular Engagement on Twitter Aid in List Growth?
Regular interaction increases visibility and trust, encouraging sign-ups.

What Role Do Twitter Videos Play in Promoting Email Lists?
Short videos can be a compelling way to invite followers to subscribe.

How Can You Use Twitter Threads to Grow Your Email List?
Engaging threads can lead followers to your email sign-up page.

Is It Effective to Link to Blog Posts with Email Sign-Up Forms?
Yes, linking to content with embedded sign-up forms can drive subscriptions.

Can Twitter Contests Be Used to Grow Email Lists?
Host contests where joining the email list is part of the entry.

How Can Direct Engagement with Followers Boost Email Sign-Ups?
Personalized engagement can create a connection that encourages sign-ups.

What’s the Importance of a Consistent Brand Voice on Twitter?
A consistent brand voice builds recognition and trust, supporting list growth.

Author Bio:

Tea LiarokapiTéa Liarokapi is a Senior Content Writer for Moosend, an email marketing and marketing automation platform, and an obsessive writer in general. In her free time, she tries to find new ways to stuff more books in her bookcase and content ideas – and cats – to play with.

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