B2B Buying – Do you dislike talking to more than 1 salesperson

Brian Cohen and Nelson Gilliat sat down to discuss the B2B Buying Process and how B2B Marketing Leaders like to buy from Software Vendors.

In this short video, our co-founder and CEO, Brian Cohen explains if he likes to have one or multiple salespeople when buying from Fostware Vendors. Be sure to watch till the end and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Author bio

Brian Cohen StoryLab.aiBrian has 15+ years as a marketing strategist and visionary leader with a track record of transforming the marketing function and propelling it to new heights for several SaaS companies as an advisor, consultant, and employee. He has spearheaded highly successful campaigns that captivated target audiences, optimizing the marketing funnel to maximize conversion rates, and accelerate sales cycles.

Brian Cohen is also the Co-Founder and CEO at StoryLab.ai. You can find more info about Brian on LinkedIn.

Video transcript (auto-generated)

When you are interacting with sales. Do you prefer a single seller that helps you with pre-sale and post-sale implementation, adoption, and success or do you prefer multiple sellers?

Maybe one seller to help you pre-sale, another seller to help you post sale, and oftentimes there’s different handoffs and subdivisions. Maybe you can talk us through your experience and if you connect you know if you could choose between one or the other and why it would be important for you one way or the other.

Yeah, it’s funny. I actually think you stemmed this conversation between my wife and I and I’ll get to that part in a second. I’m used to one of two ways. A BDR, SDR, MDR whatever you call this handoff. This almost defender of sales to some extent. This checker and verifier and then going to an AE and then going to a success rep or onboarding and then success. Now I can tell you having onboarding separate from success is something that I really dislike. I think that should be one that should have always been one process. But also if there’s a full cycle AE that then goes to success. But I really feel, and again you stem this conversation and my wife was like; why would you do this any other way? Than having real full cycle where someone is your first and your last and only contact unless you need something super technical and then they can kind of orchestrate that and bring in folks that are experts to really support you.  But other than that, the process you should have one person really supporting you all the time like during this conversation I was like it should be like an account concierge or something is what this thing should be. It should really be just one experience. Like your best friend. Hey Joe this isn’t working. Can you help me with this or what’s going on with that? This just as easy transaction can be text all the time.

Yeah, imagine if like on the podcast right now I just Batman out of here and some other person took over for the podcast and it was like a bait and switch right. First of all, the fact that you and your wife are talking about this means that B2B is in serious trouble. We need to fix this. Yeah to your point, that’s the ideal.

It’s probably for a lot of buyers and it sounds like you’re one of them where it’s; why would I want multiple sellers when I could just have one?

And if you think about that in your personal life. When you go to a store or you go to your doctor, your lawyer, your barber, or your dentist. These are B2C examples but even in B2B. It’s like, why would you want the seller that helps you with the initial sale makes you the promises different from the seller that actually is responsible for implementation, adoption, and customer success?

And to your point. For the few things that are out outside their expertise or maybe they don’t know or they need a bit of technical help, they can loop in other people internally and just act a bit of the project manager.

Maybe if it’s a very technical product and they need some help implementing it then they loop in someone from product who can just help customize the product because that’s what the product team does and the product team should be interacting with buyers to some extent. Or maybe the large extent. I’d like to say yeah they should right and part of teams. Or they can loop in maybe another seller that has a bit more expertise in a certain area and that’s like an occasional thing or maybe they loop in the CEO sometimes. Like, bring in the heavy artillery to woo the buyer and say hey bringing in the CEO. He can be more flexible about stuff like this particularly. If it’s like a really big deal or something.

It’s not to say that the only person that the buyer ever speaks to is just one person but that one person is the quarterback. He is helping the project manage things and then in addition to that, you can have customer support. So to help the end users to deal with troubleshooting problems which is separate from sales. Customer service is different from sales

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