Ungating Content Does Not mean Deleting all Forms on the Website

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Video transcript (auto-generated)

Gating versus ungating is another widely discussed topic.

primarily because some folks think if we ungate then we’re ungating every form.

We’re getting rid of every form that prospects would have the opportunity to fill out to reach us. That means demo requests contact us forms and that’s just not the case.

Gating versus ungating is really about content and content asset downloads. If somebody requests a Content download then they should be able to have access to that. They should be able to get it just fine if that’s what we want to do. Where the problem comes in is what we do with that contact information after the form. When we start to send those prospects that just wanted some information they wanted to educate themselves and we send them over to the sales team for outreach and now this person is getting bombarded with emails and calls.

We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to use lead scoring as some mechanism to push folks into being qualified. We want to make a clear
separation here between content assets and the intent of somebody that wants to have a conversation with us. If we can do that then it really doesn’t matter if we gate or ungate an asset. We can let somebody freely peruse our asset and look for an opportunity to consume the information to the point that they request a conversation with us.

If we gate, we get a little bit more information from that person we ask them if they want to continue to be educated by us and we can deliver information that helps them get better at their job.

So again, gating versus ungating is more of a problem of what we do after the information. Gating content is more of a problem after they fill out the form and what we decide to do with it.

From there so if we try to educate folks without pushing them into a sale all is well. We can manage that however we choose. If we’re trying to push them towards a call immediately send them to a BDR team for outreach then we get into trouble.

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